Random Snap>> Imsa Zee

… or should I say Zed?……Here is a question for you Speedhunters readers: are you old enough to remember first hand when Nissans were called Datsuns? Does this name have an emotive tone for you?

Tx for Mark Windecker for the photo… we'll be sifting through his Nissan archive materials over the course of the next few weeks or so.

Anyone care to tell us about this car and what year this photo is from?




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datsun Sunny Trucks FTW!


Well... Yes even though I was born in 76.... We had a Datsun 240Z from before I was born, and still have it in the family.


also missing pic


check this page for more pictures and information about the datsun: http://zlalomz.googlepages.com/page1redo


sorry to keep posting but the pic from Mid-ohio in 1977



the cars, when run like this, we're competing in IMSA's GTU class - under 2.5L displacement, otherwise a free for all - that took places in the mid- to late- 70's.

there were a few Zed's that managed to run through the 70's, constantly upgrading like this one, and stayed competitive. There was one on the West Coast driven by Frank Leary. Another by Frisselle.

They started as stock C-Production cars, and then evolved into the hugely flared beasts you see here, or were built from scratch from new 260Zs. A lot of the building and prep were done by the guys from BRE and Electramotive, except of course the East Coaster BSR car abovae...

They then led the way to the 280ZX Turbos, and then the 300ZXT that dominated, and then GTP cars.



Sunny truck indeed is FTW. Bob sharps zed on the other hand bars me up. Keep em coming guys


My Dad's first car was a 1969 Datsun 510, so I kinda have a soft spot for ol' Datsuns. I once saw a 510 with a Chevy V6, blasphemy to some, but I'm sure a whole lotta fun for the owner!


OK that is the Kendal GT-1 car #33. SO hard to say the exact year but I think that is the later rear mumper... so 74- 79.


i think that all nissan car sold in any countrie except japan were sold as datsun from the beginning and then somewgere in the 80s they started badging there cars properly with some nissan badge but i am too young to know all the perfect date.


i remember my grandpa's datsun diesel single cab mini truck, it was awsome way before the hardbodies time


enlighten me.


I remember pondering whether Datsun is Nissan or not ...