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Over the past few weeks I have been on kind of a JZS616 Aristo kick, digging up everything I can about these sexy four-doors. I have found that it's not the VIP versions that impress me so much, but the traditionally tuned versions like this one from Impact Magic which was shown at Tokyo Auto Salon this year. To me, this car is perfection. Aggressive, but not ridiculous wheels (19" Advan RS's), mild body modifications and the 600+hp TD07-fed 2JZGTE make for a perfect street-tuned sedan that should be able to run away from nearly any car on the road.


-Mike Garrett



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I remember when the GS was import car of the year. I thinks it's kinda funny that 300hp was considered a lot for a sedan in 1998, and now we have the IS-F, E92 M3, Flying Spur, etc. I'm starting to like these cars now that they're older and this one makes me want to buy one!


Always been a fan of these. When I was in high school and these were new, some fella in Newport, RI has a beautiful one that was the same color as the Statue of Liberty but in the light you could see a subtle Bronze chameleon paint. Very subtle. And the Rims were bronze with a slight color change as well and it had two mean pipes out the back with burnt off tips and to top it off it had the little BLITZ badge letting everybody know it was sexy in the engine bay too. Man I wish I could find that car again. The paint color matched the license plate "wave" graphic to a tee so it flowed as one.


Z3 fenders AHHHH! lol


My father has one of these... and sadly hes left it Butt stock.... ahh what a waste.


Where can i get that diffuser?

And whats the official website?


Man this is an awesome Aristo. I think the VIP treatment most guys give to these cars is getting a little old IMO. These cars have serious potential!...hey you should do feature on this car or that 1000ps Aristo they use in D1 Street legal.


Very simple, yet with enough presence.

The car just by looking at it...I thought it was done up by Ueo Takahiro from T&E....., very similar approach....

Very clean indeed.


those advans make the car look kinda refreashing. im used to seeing deep offsets on these. good execution. i like everything on this car, maybe except for the front z3 fenders.


i work for toyota and about 4 or 5 people have one it be makin me jelous; soon ill have one i hope aristos or gs's are dope