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The Formula D guys have been very busy preparing for this weekend's Red Bull Drifting World Championship in Long Beach. They recently posted some photos on the official Formula D blog of the course construction that is going on at the Port of Long Beach right now. It looks like its shaping up to be a pretty interesting course and and the towering cranes and container ships make for a dramatic backdrop.

Here are a few more pics-

Hmmm…looks like someone already laid some rubber down during some test runs. I'm excited to see what the finished product will look like.

Check out more pics on the Formula D Blog.

-Mike Garrett



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man i can't wait to see the full track lay out

this looks like it's gonna be sick for close tandems since it's a smaller course than other formula d events


omg this is going to be insane!!!!!


Any drawings or plans of the course yet ?

Wonder who got to test it ?


Any arial shots?


My guess is Conrad Grunewald tested the coarse. The Tanaka Racing team owner is in charge of a lot of the event set up as he is "the man" when it comes to the LB Grand Prix as well. It just makes sense as the car and driver are at his disposal.


Sweet. I saw them doing some practice drifting yesterday when i was working at the terminal right across the water, seen some major tire smoke lol


i just hope the weather is gonna be good that day.