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Nissan has just debuted its redesigned second generation Cube in Japan, and though that might not like sound like a big deal to people outside of Japan, the new Cube will also be sold in the US starting next year. It will join the Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, and Scion xB as another entry in the fuel efficient compact wagon segment. The car retains all the funky features of the original Cube and should be similar in size to the original Scion xB.

My sister-in-law drives a Cube here in Japan and although it certainly isn't sporty, it does have a lot of space inside and somewhat "hip" styling if you are into that sort of thing. It will be interesting to see how American buyers react to this new car.

An interior shot of the JDM version. The front bench seat and column shifter are carried over from the previous model. Overall, the interior has a feeling of Japanese simplicity to it that isn't seen in a lot of US market cars.

I have no doubt within a few months of its release there will be a bunch of lowered Cubes cruising around the streets of SoCal with JDM wheels. What do you guys think? Will the USDM Cube be as big as in the states as the Honda Fit or the original Scion xB?

-Mike Garrett



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I will buy one of these.

Mark my words!


sweet! way better than an xb. Whats the wheel size for these?


Ill just might get one too. the New Scions should be on the FAIL blog, lol. I saw a ton of these in Tokyo last time around, really nice cars.


i liked better the first gen of the cube...


I am buying one the first day it comes out.... I think it is going to be a huge hit here. I just wish it was out now!! It would be cool if you did a feature on tuned cubes. This one is a new model, but it would def be sweet to see how the 2nd generation ones look all tuned. This car is great, it has a bigger engine, better styling, and better gas mileage (maybe?) than the scion xb. go nissan!!!


Ive seen some sweet Cubes since Ive been in Japan. So much so, that Im thinking of getting one as a runabout as the interior space is a necessity for me. Interesting that the assymetric rear window seems to have switched sides. The amount of tuned looking Cubes (wheels, at least) around this area with 30+ looking housewives behind the wheel is staggering.




i hope it comes to Canada too, i heard Scion is for sale here now, so maybe there's a chance. I just wish some of the euro brands brought their tiny cars as well... VW Fox, Audi A2... at least BMW is selling the 1-series now ;)


Unlike the xB and Fit, this looks like a clown car.


I love it! I just wish they had included a few more bits from the concept like the lighting bolt pattern grill and the funky dice dotted tail lights as well as some interior things but overall there is something about this car that makes me just want to gather up all the friends I can get in it and hit the town!


Nintendo Wii on wheels!


NIce to see this finaly making it to North America... allbeit Finaly.


As an owner of an imported Z11 Cube (the one before this) in the UK I can see where their going with this but I still prefer the less shapely version of it. The bumpers stick out a little too much but I love the interior and light clusters (even though the front-end now looks like a range rover).

What I'm curious about though is there's no mention of a Cubic (Cube3) version with 7 seats like there was with the Z11.


An interesting evolution, not pretty but rather pretty cool. It's the Jimmy Hill chin that kills me.. Other than that, yeah, awesome rims would help. I still think the best looking car in this field is the new Citroen c3 Picasso.


its nice and unique car thank you