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I think it's kind of funny how automakers say they will unveil their new models at big auto shows. I always picture a a cover being whisked awayas flash bulbs fire at the just-revealed car, but it lately it seems that's not really how it is. The new 2010 Mustang was said to be revealed at this month's LA Auto Show, but here we are with the fully revealed car long before the show opens it doors. I guess that's just how things are in today's times. Anyways, on to the new 'Stang.

After months of teasing, and spy shots, the new car looks to be pretty much what we were expecting. If you squint your eyes, it looks very similar to the '05-'09 cars on the outside, but there are a number of changes to the exterior including redesigned front and rear fascias and more curvature in places where the previous car was straight and flat. Based on first impressions, I like what I see. After all, it's pretty hard to "modernize" a car that already has retro styling.

While the nose of the old car was big and rounded, the new car has a meaner look to it. It's apparent that there was inspiration from the Shelby GT500's when it comes to the front end design. You can also see how the hood and front fenders have a new bulge to them.

A better view of the rear and side on this red version. The rear quarter panels or "hips" appear to be more muscular than the previous car. The taillights and rear bumper are the biggest exterior change on the new car.

Here you can see the redesigned tailamps and rear spoiler in greater detail. I'm liking the way the red and clear sections of the light look together. The new, more subtle rear spoiler looks good as well.

The biggest improvement on the new Mustang is inside where the interior is vastly improved over the old car's, while still retaining the popular '60s throwback styling. The interior of the new car is said to use much higher grade materials and have a better overall finish to it. These were some of the biggest complaints about the old Mustangs. The new gauges appear much more modern and easier to read. I guess I have to hold final judgement until I see it in the flesh, but I'm thinking "well done, Ford".

For now, the powertrain is mostly a carryover from the '09 models, but the Mustang GT's 4.6L SOHC V8 does get a boost of 15hp for a total of 315. Rumor has it a new more powerful 5.0L will be used in the future. Next year will be interesting as the new Mustang battles the Dodge Challenger and 2010 Camaro in the 21st century pony car war. It terms of power output, the new Mustang GT might be behind the competition (the Camaro SS will have over 400hp), but the car will significantly lighter than both of its rivals, which should help to even them up performance wise.

So what are your guys thoughts on the new Stang?

-Mike Garrett



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well to be honest there is not much of a change here. Still looks the same minus a couple bells and whistles. I like the first retro version better, it was a bit more tough. This one they try to make it more sleek while keeping that old school muscle. Dont really think it works well.


"well done, Ford".


It does look much the same...but as Mike said, it's hard to update a "retro" design. The biggest thing for me is that I love the new interior. I'll wait for a test drive to pass judgment, but I'm thinking this just might be the car that restores my faith in Ford, if they follow suit with other models...


i really like it now, its grown up.... the old stang was too american, too macho, this is sleeker and hopefully the quality is up to par with european cars... nice...


For the love of God please update Auto-Otaku and not write about the new Mustang. THIS ISN'T INTERESTING.


ill have to see it in real life

i just think updating a car that is supposed to look old is an oxymoron.


are pictures of jr's new falken mustang out yet?


I like it ! look like it means business and how can you say and american car looks to american ?? that make no sense at all. im sure it will be 3,000,000 lbs heavier then the last. for whatever reason Ford loves heavy ass cars and keeps making the mustang heavier.


I love American cars, but these things are goofy looking.

First of all, someone need to teach the big three that not every model line that is over 10 years old should be a full-on homage to it's previous self. I like it when elements are integrated from older models, but the current formula of taking a great ponycar, making it weigh too much, rounding the corners, adding wheelwells so big that you can only fill them with 20s and a beltline like a sherman tank is getting very old.

Perhaps Ford should try designing a modern mustang that does rest on the laurels of it's 60's predecessor.

Last time they did that, we got the Fox body, they sold a couple of those and they still have a rabid following.


Mustangs are never been my cup of tea. Too porky, too big, too loud for no reason, and the new Mustang still retains rear solid axle.....

The "new" Mustang pictured above is nothing else but a few changes in style....really minor stuff.....


ya its sick but i hear its using the same goddamn live axle!!!


I like where the mustang is going. If all this is true about improved interior materials etc. then I'm all for it. Considering the offerings from the other major automakers in the "retro-muscle" department the mustang is lacking in power. The GT500 is too expensive for most, and the GT is just not fast enough in my opinion. They need a middle of the road model to wedge in between the GT500 and the GT. Now that I think of it, maybe the GT500 "middle-of-the-road"?


I like it, Gittin jr better make his drift car look cool too

Ford, please bring this to the UK - Vauxhall and Chevrolet had the balls to bring Camaros, Corvettes, Monaros and VXR8s here so PLEASE follow suit


Take a look here for dissection of 2010 versus older models.


This is a huge improvement, it looks like the retro design of my favourite 69-70's stang. The back is vastly improved too and also it has the quarter back panel curve that I LOVE so much..can wait to own one of these! The interior is to die for, any chick that'd step in would be your lay!

I just dont agree with the plastick bumber adition? What uop with thait?


I really like it, which is rather interesting for me, since I've never liked the new Mustang.

This car is much 100% more polished and cohesive, an evolution marked by many subtle refinements rather than a few big changes. I would actually buy this car in 2010 if it were notably cheaper than the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe.


i agree 100% with inertiaticism...


to be honest the only part of this car that appeals to me in the least is the interior. the tall numbers of the guage cluster look quite nostalgic, but i like it, as well as the brown seats (no more "black everywhere!" philosophy is good)


the greenhouse is very ugly to me, and seems to have not changed at all from the previous incarnation of the Mustang. There's a large sense of ill-fittingness to me, it just doesn't match the new look.


i'll refrain from further criticism as i know nobody from Ford is going to read this.


Man they have a full hour show about this thing on speed right now. Its pretty bad.


Whoa JR on TV, Nice! HE did some awesome driving there! Car actually looks better on TV, sleek. Still needs some more balls tho lol!


i think that with some adjustments, this could be a very sexy car.

this thing has a lot of potential, i think.


Well I don't really like Mustangs in general but I think this one looks okay. Could have been better if they based it on a new platform instead of building it on the D2C platform, but with the economy being as bad as this I guess its too much to ask. Still, a 15HP increase sounds a little sad for a car like a Mustang. A 4.6L V8 should not have 315HP. The Camaro and the Challenger is going to smoke this Mustang to pieces....

Also, I can't wait to look at Vaughn Gittin Jr's new Falken Mustang..... =D


ford has never done well


reminds me of the 350 to 370z change...

its alright but its still a ford... haha


Acording to Fast Lane Daily the Taillights on this thing are sequential... and im down with that.

Id like to see what the Cobra stang is going 2 look like..... It should would be gr8 if they would bring back the Cobra R.


eh im not feeling this as much as the current model. this is to mediocre for me and not enough muscle. and i dont mean from the engine.


la beauté de cette mustang m'ébloui !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well it looks great. Love it how they've succeeded in making it look cool and first of all fresh but still being able to bring back a hint of that legendary Mustang look :) shame though that i bet it's terrible to drive ... like all Yankee shit is. :(