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Before I move on to getting you guys and gals (are there any ladies in here? hello?) a detailed, play by play report on the Red Bull Drifting event, I thought I'd better get on to writing our final wrapup from the Superlap Battle. Remember that?….. Ok let's have a look at some of the results and check out John Brooks' photo styles.

So most of us all know the Cusco Team Tarzan Impreza won the event with a lap time of 1:44.372. What you may not know though, is that was NOT an all out banzai lap for Tarzan. The team felt there was more time in the car but the drive train failed before they could mount an all out assault on the record. I happened to be standing right where the car rolled to a halt.

In Formula One circles there is a saying: IF is FI backwards… that is, it is the final results that count in racing, not the potentialities. So for the time being the HKS Evo is still the standard for all to beat.

CWest got a great result at the 2008 Superlap Battle. The car was misfiring through the first few sessions, but the team managed to cure the issues for the final run. Tyler McQuarrie did a great job at the wheel and put a 01:46.893 lap together; good enough for second overall and first in Unlimited FR.

So ladies and gentlemen, this is now the fastest FR car in North America… they have taken the record from the Twins Turbo RX7.

Tanner Foust and Crawford Performance held down third place overall with a lap time of 1:47.052.

It's interesting to note that this time was set in an early session and the car sat out half the competition with a damaged engine. Still it's not a bad result for a car in its early stages of development.

Taking 2nd in FR was the JIC Magic Porsche 996 followed by the Factor X NSX which locked down a lap time of 1:47.965.

Nipping at the heels of the Unlimited class cars was the Evasive Motorsports Evo 9. It took top honours in Limited AWD with a time of 1:50:003.

The fastest "official" Unlimited FF time went to the 5Zigen Honda Accord Euro R with a lap time of 1:54.987.

However…. there was some controversy around this result as Chris Rado did set a time of 1:54.32… during the practice session. There was a misunderstanding between him and the organizers let's say, and he was unable to count this lap towards his overall result. The car was already set up with a different diff by the time the problem was discovered and he was unable recreate his practice lap.. So unofficially, the World Electronics Scion TC is the fasted FF car in the US, officially it's the 5Zigen Accord.

The Sportcar Motion Honda Civic won the Limited FF class with a time of 01:55.948. If you consider this' just around 1 second off the Unlimited FF class time it's quite the feat.

We should also pay some respect to Tim Kuo who drove both the Limited AWD and FF cars to class victories.

I think someone wanted to see another shot of the Endless Time Attack S15… here it is…

AMS had two Evo Xs at the event… this blue car…

…And this NOS Energy Drink sponsored machine….

This particular chassis will become an unlimited class car next year. We'll be very excited to see how the build progresses.

There ain't no stretch tires here!… this S14 is all business with as much rubber in contact with the road as possible.

I was very impressed with the build quality of the Driving Ambition NSX. While it didn't set particularly fast times (1:51:847), I couldn't take my eyes off this clean and tidy machine.

Is this a better example of "opposite lock" then? hahahaha… In grip driving, this is how NOT to do things!… oh well…. makes for good photography.

Not sure you get extra bonus points for dirt drops in time attack…

Perhaps an extra 100th of a second?

The Yokohama/Boost Login Supra took top honours in the Street FR class with a time of 1:57:211. Nice car…

Ok time to get on to organizing all the Red Bull materials…




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Now that is some opposite lock!

More pics if you got 'em!


great pics, Good event, what else could you ask for?


since when are 911's and NSX's front engine cars?


^ since when there isnt enough mr cars participating


I wish I could see the cars, but half the photos are blurred to shit

Thanks for the times of the top few cars


GM has the FF record at 1.51.xx from several years ago.

I love John Brooks pics!!!!


The red NSX gave some 6 seconds to the black Supra? This goes to show that hp alone won't get you far....

Nice pics Rod/ John.


this might be boring, but the fastest car you mentioned should be the quickest. Im sure a lot of drag cars in North America is much faster.

Crawford Impreza looking great.


Nice writeup!


tis, how can a drag car be faster than a grip car?????

nice pics and great cars.... it would be nice to see more japanese teams competing with the US..


/\ What TIS is trying to say is quick and fast are two different things. But he is just wasting time in doing so. Can we expect to see any of this footage on some upcoming DVD or TV show? Awesome pics!


more coverage of the street tire class please :)


are those u mentioned really the fastest car in US or North America? i always thought that the salt lake racer is d fastest. or at least drag racer,


i'm the owner of the black supra.

To Alex ^: the nsx is an unlimited car on dot slicks. 6 seconds and a comptech supercharger, it was most likely putting down more hp than we were. We made 500rwhp but due to a bad turbo gasket could only hit 20psi (460rwhp)

BTW we are a Street car on STREET TIRES. GOOF.


The guys at Factor X had quite a time, I found this hardcore story straight from their guy right here http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1091039


Curtis' supra is actually sponsored by Boost Logic, not Boost Login


more info on the street classes!!!

great coverage...


wow i was surprised to hear how fast the Crawford Impreza went, never would of thought that car could be that fast. and i thought chris did win the FF class?...guess not. and good stuff curtis rockin the supra and taking FR class.