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This year is going by quickly isn't it? I've had the Superlap Battle on my travel calendar since the start of the year and it's always seemed like something far down the road… so I'm finding it somewhat hard to believe the event has come and gone, and now it's already time to move to our coverage of the Red Bull Drifting World Championship.

But before we start to submerge ourselves in this upcoming Long Beach mega-event, we'll try and do our best to communicate to you what it was like to attend the Superlap Battle at Buttonwillow. We have a ton of photography to sift through and also need to wait for Super Street Magazine to announce the official results, so we'll break up the stories a little bit.

John and I pulled in around 07:30 this morning to the track with our thundering beast-car. I am perhaps getting a little bit too used to the NFS Terlingua now… I just love it…

We found the paddock area to be filled with activity, street machines, and a wide variety of time attack cars. I heard there were almost 100 cars entered….

Remember this ex-J's Racing S2000 car from SEMA last week?

Well there it was….you guys were exactly right about the back story with this car.

Speaking of S2000s, the updated C-West Honda was getting geared up to head out on track. The car is now running wider tires and a larger turbo and apparently power is up now to the 400 bhp range. The car is driven by new Falken drift team signee Tyler McQuarrie, and the team was feeling bullish about their prospects of being the fastest US-based Time Attack car and setting a new FR record at Buttonwillow.

Look at how tall the rear diffuser is!

The original concept for the C-West S2000 was to find speed through weight savings, aero and balance. This has all changed this year though as the team is reaching for new power levels from the engine and going after more mechanical grip.

Across the paddock this morning, all the talk was about the Team Tarzan Cusco Subaru. I was told in no uncertain terms that this car shares some parts in common with the Cusco GT300 Super GT Race car. Many people were whispering that just perhaps it could set a new record.

Tanner Foust and the Crawford Subaru looked on good form. The more I see this car, the more I like it. The Crawford crew know how to build a very tidy car.

Chris Rado seemed to have a full plate to deal with. The team were playing with a new racing differential, but niggling mechanical problems were dampening their day.

This is my fav tC out there…

Unfortunately a few off-track excursions meant the Speedhunters sticker on the Scion's front bumper was a little less pristine. Mind you that was the least of Chris' worries…

The proliferation of time attack Hondas is one area which separates the US scene from others…..

I have a real soft spot for EG's. It was the first new car I ever purchased..

The Cusco Subaru looked amazing on track. Very smooth and fast in a no-nonsense sort of way. Stay tuned for more details….

The JIC Magic Porsche 993 was tearing up the track and it was almost hard to remember this machine was until recently, a drift car.

Also making a good show of things was the GST Motorsports Impreza. Although this car is little bit ghetto, it certainly goes like a rocketship.

Ever seen American Time Attack photographed like this before? John Brooks makes his mark….

Although there was no real attempt made to make this a spectator-oriented event (how about an announcer next time guys!), it was particularly entertaining to see the cars being pushed right to the edge of their limits, lap after lap.

Note the the opposite lock on the M-Work Z. This car is right on the ragged edge.

John Brooks in Art Attack mode as he calls it :>

heh heh heh… nice one…

More tomorrow!




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As ever Mr.Brooks took some cool photos. My favourite is the panning shot of the 993, it's got a good sense of movement with the car remaining in focus.


Very very nice photos and write-up, cant wait til tomorrow's update :)


Excellent photos!

Did Rados' car actually make it on track? Every time i've seen him at time attack events, something is broken. You'd think with that massive rig they have they'd bring spares.

I'd wish the promoters of the SLB would get with the times and put up a real site about the event, with past results and some real information beyond the simple single-pager with a few links they currently have.

They have to post information early and often, this is why speedhunters is doing well.


I love those first two photos!!!


the thing that disappoints me is the scenery at USA tracks (background)


awesome pics!!

sweet cars!


Where is the opposite lock on the Z? =D

Beautiful shot of the Evasive S2k.


Excellent pics Rod and John....nice write up too.

Keep it coming.


The opposite lock is in the front tires.

Also, this is one of the "ugliest" tracks in the states.

Thanks for the update, I hope we can get some real results out of this before the event is forgotten.

Thanks for the coverage Speedhunters!


That opening shot. WOW.


nice 034 motorsport t-shirt! that company makes some serious audis, i remember watching one of their older cars dyno at Waterfest a couple of years ago, i felt like my ears were going to bleed! lol

check out the sounds being pushed out by this example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgPkB5GgsKg


i hope you weren't using the DSLR the whole day, Rod! i'm expecting some wonderful HD video ;D


"Note the the opposite lock on the M-Work Z. This car is right on the ragged edge." Right?! I was bombarded with "Nah ah" or "You have never driven if you call that opposite lock" on MY350Z.com, many defending that it must mean the steering angle has maxed out completely, and is not just enough angle to counter oversteer. God I'm glad I left!

Nice pics, wanna see more C-West!



good point you brought up - most people think of the term "opposite lock" as the steering being completely maxed out in one direction... which is why some people use the term "lock to lock." ie: this quick ratio steering rack reduces the amount of steering wheel turns necessary to go from lock to lock." lock refers to the point where the steering wheel/rack can't continue any further.

BTW, hit me up privately when u can.... how's your 510 doing??? it's been years since i've seen it! we need to go cruise together with our old school orange 70s cars sometime!


Excellent shots John & good job with the words Rod. Does the overall shape of the Cusco Sabaru in the shot above the 993 remond anyone else of a DTM/ITC Alfa 155?


Brooksie is the best international sportscar shooter, full stop. The man lives at 1/25 and slower and I have no idea how his shots at that speed are always perfect.


...and by that, I mean remind. Must be my age.



just catching up............

thanks for the kind words..........I really enjoyed the challenge of shooting the Time Attack boys..........Buttonwillow leaves a bit to be desired for either access or scenery so the last refuge of the scoundrel photographer is to crank the speed down...........it also helps to get across the message that these cars are really quick considering that they are closer to road spec that full race.

A DTM Alfa 155? Now that would be a time attack car and a half.

MPME, I wish what you say were true...........I think that the likes of Dole, Lefebure, Lister and a whole bunch of others would likely disagree................and I have repetitive strain injury caused by excessive use of the delete key but when the elements come together it is sweet.

The more I practice, the luckier I get.