Event>> It’s All About The Fd Pro Am!

So I was going through my photos late last night after I got home from the Formula D Pro Am in Long Beach, and I fell asleep. I won't lie. I was tired as hell! Speedhunting is a 7-day-a-week job. You shoot on the weekends and you post up stuff every weekday… So here's a few of my photos from Pro-Am, I'll try to post some more later… but right now I need to get in the car and drive to Long Beach to do this all over again…

This being said, big ups to the Drift Association crew and ALL THE PRO AM DRIVERS!!! Much respect! I know everyone's making all this hoopla and hype about all the international drivers who have gotten their cars shipped to Long Beach for the Red Bull event, but I just wanted to let you guys know, I didn't forget about you guys…

Nuff respect to all the grassroots drifters from all over the USA – the guys who have come out to the Pro Am on their own dime, building their own cars, sleeping on the floor of a friend's hotel room, scraping some money together to eat fast food, getting dirty all night working on their cars, crashing the cars during practice, and then working hard with their friends in the hot sun to pull the car together in time for the next run session… this goes out to you guys. Big respect. To all the big dollar companies and sponsors out there… Support Grassroots Drifting!!!

Look at all that smoke coming out the side of this OD green S13! It looks like it's coming out the window! Haha dope…

I lovvvvvvvve MX83 Cressidas! This is Amin from Houston. He put together a BN Sports aero kit from different cars and made it fit onto his car… I dig the custom cut drop vent hood (that's factory steel, and he cut it! fresh!), to give some extra cooling to his 1JZGTE engine! Damn, maybe I should buy a Cressida…

West Slide Connection represent! Look how low this S14 is! Super dope! WSC has some of the best style out there when it comes to the grassroots drifters; I think people need to take notes and bite the style. Reppin San Diego super hard! I love it.

My boy Dan Pina came all the way out from Chicago to compete in the Pro Am… originally from the SF Bay Area, he moved to Chicago because he got wayyy too many tickets in the Bay Area, and he could use public transit in Chicago! As much as I dislike CHPs, I like Dan Pina! Super nice guy, rocking the hell out of his Fox body Mustang!

This is what this Arizona Cressida looked like before he smashed into the wall… nice looking car! Sad to see it crash!

Tommy Roberts from WestSlide Connect rocking super low stance and super deep wheels on his Onevia! Then he crashed later on that day…

I have a lot more pics, but I gotta bounce and get back to the LBC! Peace!

-Antonio Alvendia



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dude, you are way tooo jdm for me.... your posts dissapoint me


Keep these posts coming. I love reading about the stuff I wouldn't get a chance to see in EVO or Top Gear.


awesome, love the rugged and destroyed look of the Pro Ams, this is what drift car ar supposed to looked like and used.....


to jdm hahahahahahahahahaha


im loving every second of it.


Wow, that is awesome. Nice post Antonio, they really do deserved to get notice on here. I mean they did whatever they can just to get to this event and compete as a drifter. They really are the true hardcore drifter in this sport. Got to say that the police Mustang looks really good and must be one of the few non-jdm cars competing. Yeah, love to see more of the other shots so keep posting them up yeah?


The green S13 is a certrain NW drifter by the name of Victor Moore... more info on him, his car and the NW drift scene is available at coldtrackdays.com

nice post. nice shots


those westslide connection cars are so damn clean, i love them

any pics of the carnage?


Sad to see so many ProAm cars stuffed and broken today, I was planning on it being the highlight of this weekend


Too JDM?! WTF Dude?

NOTHING can be "too JDM"...

Keep 'em coming Antonio, the photos are awesome as always and i just dig these grassroots stuff - cause THAT is what car racing is all about baby!


though crazy track, need for horespower and experience for this track.

and as always, great photo's

greets from Holland


Great coverage Antonio.


Thanks for the love Antonio- and awesome Pics as usual! Back to the daily office grind and the snow here in Chi-town!


Thanks for covering our part of the event. No matter their personal outcome it was good to see how much heart the Pro-Am guys put towards their programs (not to mention how much "metal" everyone was willing to leave there for the sake of their dreams).

I'll look forward to seeing the rest of your pics (especially the ones of that "other" Mustang...)


Thanks for the awesome Pro Am pics. Is there anyway to get hi-res versions of these?? Can't wait to the see others!


Let's think for a minute.... Think back when was the last time you spent around $250 (~€167


Let's think for a minute.... Think back when was the last time you spent around $250 (~€167


Let's think for a minute.... Think back when was the last time you spent around $250 (~€167