Event>>hpi Tsukuba Meeting Pt.2

Now for some more action the HPI Tsukuba soukoukai. First up, we have Yukio Matsui's JZA80 Supra (with Celica front end conversion) pulling the side brake as he makes his entry to the first hairpin. The entire course was open for drifting, but the center of the action was the infield portion of the track that will be used for the D1SL event. In addition to competing in D1SL Matsui was also the 2008 Super Class series champion in MSC. As part of his prize, he is given the opportunity to compete stateside in Formula D. Don't you think it would be pretty awesome to see the this car in FD? We'll have to see if decides to drift in the USA.

Another view of the Toyota Carina I mentioned in the first post. Like someone said in the comments section, this car reminds me of the 4AGE-powered Daihatsu Charmant that the late Ryoji Takada drove in D1GP, a car that even appeared at Irwindale during the early days of D1. I was just looking through an old issue of Battle Magazine that had an article about Takada in it. Very sad when he passed away in 2005…

I always get a little giddy when I see a grip-tuned Toyota JZX chassis like this JZX100 Chaser. I can't recall seeing this sort of wide body conversion before. Anyone what know what kit it is?

This simple-looking S14 Silvia was running in one of the intermediate drift classes. The proven combination of nice aero parts, low ride height, and cool wheels. This is perfect grassroots car style here.

The "Battle S30Z" was out on the track as well. Check out the new GT wing on the back. As I was watching it run, I was wishing I would have dusted off the video camera and brought it out to this event.  I can't get over how fast this car is for a naturally aspirated L-engine.

This C35 Laurel wasn't driving, but it looked so cool that I had to get a shot of it parked in the paddock. You don't really see many cars with Ray's GT-V wheels, but they looked really good on this Laurel. I didn't check the wheel size, but it looks like they might be 19's.

This Vertex Lang-equipped S14 Silvia was putting down some very nice drift runs all day long. The car itself was also very well done and could easily pass as a "drift show car". It was definitely one of the most impressive S14's I have seen in a while.

I couldn't believe how many FC RX7's were at the track for the grip event. This yellow car was just one of several. This is another one of the cars that has that whole "vintage" tuning look to it. I love it. There was also a full circuit-tuned FC3S convertible in the paddock, but I didn't see it make any laps. Machine trouble perhaps?

At first glance this Bayside Blue R34 Skyline looks like your typical GT-R, but it's actually a rear-drive ER34 turbo. Of all the recent Skyline models, I'd say that two-door non-GT-R R34's might be the rarest. Sometimes I think it might actually be funner to own a rear drive Skyline than an AWD GT-R. Is that strange?

High speed drift around the final corner….saikou! Watching the faster cars link the final corner before performing a little manji action down the front straight was one of the day's highlights for sure.

Ah yes the drifting NSX. When I first saw the car in the paddock, I assumed it was part of the
grip class. A little later when it entered the track with the drift cars, I remembered seeing it in a Drift Tengoku Magazine article a long time ago. This was my first time to see this car, or any other NSX drift machine in the flesh. The car was drifting surprisingly well, something not easily done in a mid-engine car. Seeing a fully-tuned NSX going sideways was one hell of a sight to say the least.

And lastly, a shot I took as the cars were being loaded up as dusk fell.

A great end to a great day…


-Mike Garrett



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Damn do you have a high res of the last pic? That s14 is gangster


Nice pic of the Carina in action! :)

It is also very nice to see the Carina in a different color than white: most AA63 and TA63 Carinas are all white. ;)

Can you post some more pictures on your flickr account?

Also funny: most parts of my old trueno got recycled into a Irish Daihatsu Charmant:



lol desktop of the s14 being loaded on to the red truck and the nsx drifting please.


Mike, any idea who drives the NSX?


Yukio Matsui in Formula D??? hell no!

no japanese drift pilot should even consider an invitation to drive in USA after what happened to Ueo in the red bull event!


i realize this is heresy on a site like Speedhunters, but having driven both an R32 GTS-t type M and an R32 GT-R, the rear-drive RB20DE was in some ways more fun than the four-wheel RB26DETT, if only because it had the wild edge that comes with a lack of control. i like things to be very visceral when i drive ;D


Mike thanks for the clear up on that Daihatsu and the driver Ryoji RIP.

Re: Matsui's car. I'm not sure what Takumi is talking about [i don't keep up with the drift scene that much anymore] but I would love to see that Supra in person or atleast some hi-res detailed photos of it and that interesting conversion.

Re:ER34. I have always liked the GTS-T models more than the GT-R models.


So many good cars in this post.

The Z looks so good as well as the Toyota Carina.

I love the fact that there are many other cool RWD drift machines at the track in Japan, unlike stateside.


@Takumi: What the heck are you talking about? Regardless of what happened at the RBDC, Matsui is more than capable enough to give the american scene a run for it's money. Why WOULDN'T you wanna see him here?


!!! it should be noted that i MUCH prefer the looks of the GT-R models over their lesser bretheren, i was only talking about the driving experience


Its Vertex Ridge, not Lang. You can see that its widebody. I have the same one in my garage.


That red S14 in the last pic with CE28N is money !

Nice pics as usual Mike.


Love the S14, their tow tracks matches too, nice. Give them a best jdm trophy :D



USA is a great opportunity for japanese drivers to drive and make some money. What happened to Ueo is just another part of the sport. They didn't prohibited him from competing, they didn't side line his car because of "illegal modifications". And seriously, don't be surprised if you see UEO in competition in FD next year.


Awesome, I love the coverage of the common man events.


PLEASE, more and BIGGER pics of the white M-sports/Koguchi Power equipped 180!


Pleace desktop the last picture, nice to see the battle "Battle S30Z" again.


I can't remember the guys name but I met the owner of that NSX at some D1SL Regional round (forget which one) and chatted with him a bit. He came off like a big douche... I love that Laurel but the best of one of all time has to be Takeshi's from V-Factory!


The Vertex Lang-equipped red S14 Silvia is red hot, nice!


Damn that vertex equipped S14 is fucking hot !!


Whoops my mistake. Not sure why I wrote "Lang" when it's a Ridge kit.


The body kit on the JZX100 Chaser is BN Sports Type 1, front and skirts. The hood is Garage S, and the front and rear fenders are Traum GT. The grille is Hippo Sleek.


Thanks Adam. Hell of a mixture there eh?


Haha, yea it's an interesting mix. I just noticed he has his gauges mounted under his rear-view mirror !! that's cool.



any plans to do an article on the drifting nsx?


Isn't Daihatsu & Toyota the same thing ?! I mean they had Daihatsu versions of the Camry, bB, and probably the Carina as well ...