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Nissan month is November… and as I pack up my gear for tomorrow's shoot at Buttonwillow Raceway's Super Street Superlap Battle, I just can't help but think of Ebisu Circuit, one of my favorite racetracks that I've ever experienced. Anyway, looking back through photos on one of my hard drives, I thought I'd post up a photo that I snapped in 2005. This photo was a view of the pit area at Big X, the first fusion of drifting with other extreme sports, like freestyle motorcross, trial bikes, street biks stunts, stunt car driving, umbrella girl slaloming, katarin soko, and more…

Anyway, check out all the Nissans in the pit area. Can anyone name them all?

-Antonio Alvendia



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i see the coopermix s15...


lol i sense a theme with posts this month, "name those nissans!" ;D


well here i go:

s13 silvia

s15 silvia

s13 silvia drop-top

s14 kouki?

too hard to tell (the blue one)

s13 180sx (just a guess, the red one)

s14 kouki? looks like s15 headlights but the hatch is throwing me off

can't tell the rest except for the red one behind the dood with the grey sweater is an s15 silvia


lols and what i will guess is a Nissan Caravan in the back with the mirror tint ;D


The orange one after the S13 convertible is an R33 - tell-tale rear quarter windows.

Last car before the motorcycles and the van is an ER34 sedan; if you ask me, it looks like Nomura's car (front bumper resembling URAS kit circa 2005)!


Yeah it looks like Nomuras D1 Street Legal ER34....


Will someone feature an authentic Sileighty? please...


-s13 silvia

-s15 silvia

-s13 silvia convertible

-R33 coupe

-blue one looks like the nose of an old trans

-180sx (red behind the blue)

-180sx wih s14 kouki nose (white)

-black s13 silvia

-Red FC3S

-ER34 sedan

-Red S15 out front.

-red nissan frontier in the #17 stall


Ya I would like to see a feature on a Sileighty as well, or maybe a REAL 180SX Type X


mmm.... cool

More photos plz... : D


ugghhh, sileighty really? no thanks.


everything seems to be mentioned.

the white 180 with 14 face is probably Izumida's car.... I think it had BRIDE stickers on it.

The red one far away pulling out is probably that s13 silvia convertable. Note the RAPID sticker on the front bumper.

As mentioned, Ken Nomura URAS ER34

Then looks liek GOOD ROAD S14 kouki of Kazama.

THen, is that Naoto's s13?

The only blue car I can think of is the old Kei Office s15... but I don't know if that is it or not.

yellow EBISU/kumakubo s13 convert.

orange M sports R33 GTS-t. Naoto drove it, yes?

That white s13 up close with ORC and Nismo crap... who drove that? Maybe Hiraoka?


DiscoQuinn, thats a NIssan X-trail in the #17 stall


and the van at the very and is a Nissan Caravan


Yes do a post on a really clean sileighty!!! It's a big part of the whole Nissan community. If you can, find one in the rare deep purple color that Nissan used a little bit.


is the yellow S13 rocking Mooneyes Speedmasters? :-O


Here goes

S13 silvia

s15 silvia

s13 convertible

r33 2 door

blue one is a R34 gtt?

Izumidas sileighty with s14 front

black s13

cant see the red one

blitz r34

s15 on the right


hmmmmmm damn, you guys are Nissan pros, holy crap. u guys can extract that much info from a simple snapshot (crappy one at that), i love it! i hope my 86ers out there can do the same when it's time for Toyota month! i dont want you guys to make my fellow Toyota heads look sorry! haha

hey but what do you guys think...? what's your favorite sileighty out there? BH, dousan... especially you guys, i wanna hear your opinions!!!

Sileighty Mania was made popular with Benson Hsu... but what other sil80s do you like? Signal? Kazuhiro Tanaka/Team Orange/M-Sports? I wonder if someone is gonna mention Jspec or even Rotora lol... let me know what your favs are! Just maybe we'll be able to do something! (MAYBE ok!)