Video>>montage: The Retro Drags

You’ve seen the photos… now watch the video!….. check out what 3000 bhp looks like when unleashed down the quarter mile….. all captured in slow motion HD video for your viewing pleasure.

A few people mentioned that they thought we were played out with the “Slo-mo Moment” videos and we agree… we’ve moved on to a new style of our car art videos: the montage.

Many liked our Spa FIA GT video but perhaps this one will steal the crown of the new king of Speedhunters videos… Do you agree?

At least for the next week or so…

Let us know what you think!


PS: a big thanks to Bill, Monique and Tony from the NHRA Motorsports Musuem for hosting us at the drags!



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Besides the team orange vid, this is one if not the best. Drag racing in slo-mo is amazing, you catch things that you normally never notice during a full time vid. Keep em coming!


Great stuff.


I love the videos on here, don't let anyone tell you different.


slingshots, fuel altereds and vintange funny cars are awesome love the slomo killer video


awesome video! i agree, the montages are definitely the style that is most successful here at Speedhunters, and this video is an amazing example. I really love how you can see every body panel, suspension component and tire rippling under the immense power of each of those vehicles.


Wow awesome vid! Definitely had a MADMAX feel to it. Such an Erie feel of post apocalypse in this one.


Oh yes.. It was only two weeks ago.. but next year cannot come too soon.. Super stuff Rod...


what is the song?


You know, we are greedy people at Speedhunters.... We have this compulsive need, to know everything cool


You know, we are greedy people at Speedhunters.... We have this compulsive need to know everything cool