Video>> Montage: Gt Racing At Spa Francorchamps

Ok get ready for one of the best Speedhunters films yet… this video was shot at the FIA GT Spa 24H race this past August and features a custom music score by my man, Ekstrak out of his London, UK music studio.

You’ve seen Antonio’s post about the infamous Eau Rouge corner… now you get to see for yourself why this is one of the most fearsome corners in all of racing.

There really isn’t anything quite like European GT racing….

…. or Spa-Francorchamps for that matter. Check the elevation changes….

Anyway enough words… watch the video!….

Thanks again to Ekstrak for the music score and to the SRO organization for their permission to shoot at the Spa 24 Hours.


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This brings back memories Rod, Amazing. The moving shots from the vip shuttle are incredible.


Impossibly cool! Especially the moving shots is just incredible. One tiny little detail, however, is the music. It's very nice, but a welljudged pause or two, so we could hear the cars tear past, would be nice. All in all, though, 10 out of 10. More of this stuff!


"There really isn't anything quite like European GT racing...." ur right on. great video and nice shot of the rear end of the Lambo.


Rod, you are always taking video to the next level. Capturing the moment with a single image is hard sometimes... but composing video, cutting and pasting, adding a soundtrack, using different angles, etc

you've got everything the viewers want!! LOVE IT!


Absolutely amazing filmography. The trucking dolly shots are just mind blowing. I'm going back to watch it again.


Great Video...Awesome how it was put together and everything just flows seemlessly...Does anyone know the name of the song???


Great video, Definitely a much needed breath of fresh air from the standard youtube video with random rock music in the background.


the final shot was so sick. supper clean as always.


Love the light on the back end of the masser


Amazing. Best track, best cars, best filming, best editing. I think it might be a while before a better video comes out


Great video. Kudos, awesome editing by the way, just really meshed into one rolling clip.One of the best tracks in the world with some of the best GT racers and a great sound to go with the vision. I'm going to get to Spa one day..........keep up the good work.


Nice one! Took me back to the first time I watched Speed Tribe in some ways. Nice balance of music to engine noise too. Note to anyone who has the Speed Tribe dvd - works very well with several flasks of hot sake...


That is a good point... there are some similarities to Speed Tribe....

Glad you guys like the video! We just sent two more videos to Ekstrak for scoring for you to check out :>




Oh my god.... that video was amazing.

Everything was compiled so perfectly, it was like seeing it out of a movie. This is what i envision when i think of a music video for cars when i want to create one.

I want the title to the background music track!


This video is amazing! My youngest brother raced in the 24hr at the Nurburgring back in 2007 with Munbilla Motorsports in a RUF built 996. They finished 7th overall and were the highest placing privateer team. The video brings to life some of the pics he brought back from the race he took part in. Once again awesome job and can't wait to see more.


I'm absolutely in love with this video, I'd kill to get an mp3 of the Ekstrak joint.


Congratulations for this video, I think it's really amazing...Feel encouraged to add more videos of GT-cars ;)

With SUPER (it's freeware:, you can "ekstrakt" (:D) the audio-track from the downloadable video.

When I tried to convert directly to *.mp3, the final ~20 secs were missing. To get the whole video converted I had to tick "Stream Copy" and select "*.wav" as the "output container".

That *.wav-file you can then convert to *.mp3. I suggest to choose the highest possible bitrate (320kbps)


I am being greedy, I know. The exercise for Photos of the Year was supposed to be a selection of my fav


When we launched just over a year ago we had two types of videos in production: Slo


You've seen the photos... now watch the video!..... check out what 3000 bhp looks like when unleashed down the quarter mile..... all captured in slow motion HD video for your viewing pleasure.