Random Snap>>wrc Kei Truck?

Subaru enthusiasts can get pretty crazy about rallying, and to illustrate that point, check out this Subaru Sambar kei truck that has been decked out in full '08 Subaru WRC livery complete with a rally style rear spoiler, roof scoop, roll bar, and what look to be Prodrive wheels. Even better, the custom body work has added Impreza-like fender flares to both the front and the rear. It looks like a ton of work has gone into building this and I just wonder if someone is going to do up a Ralliart style Mitsubishi Minicab kei truck to compete with it?

Photo was taken at the 2008 Nagoya Dream Car Show and found on "I've Got to Ride's" Minkara page.

-Mike Garrett

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Schiefer Franz
Schiefer Franz


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Thanks and many Wishes from Austria


Schiefer Franz