Random Snap>>tropical Drift

Lately I have been thinking about how fun it would be to take a quick vacation down to Okinawa, AKA the "Hawaii of Japan". There's just something about the clear ocean water, and soothing shamisen music I always see on TV that makes me want to hop on a plane for a little visit. Car-wise, Okinawa is not quite the same as the mainland, but they do get a few events there. The photo was taken at this month's Yokohama Drift Meeting at Nago Circuit which included a number of D1 drivers ferried their cars to the island for a drift exhibition. You can see Testsuya Hibino, Yashio Factory Oka-chan, and NOB Taniguchi taking part in this four-car tandem run in front of the fans gathered at Nago.

Photo from Oka-chan's blog.

-Mike Garrett



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wallpaper, please... tahnks


i lived in oki for a while.. you should really go... the car scene isn't as great as mainland, but the island more than makes up for it


Okinawa is fun for a vacation. I've headed over there a couple of times. Plus they have a friggin' A&W!


as always i'm *really* digging Hibino's graphics scheme! very out there and busy! also hard to go wrong with a set of Work Meister these days, especially after a month of looking at RWB cars ;D


Yeah this pic definitely deserves a place in the wallpaper gallery.


Nice shot. I hope it becomes a Wallpaper.


oh i see that NOB is still rockin the altezza. wish i was there to see those 4.