News>>the Drift Bmw’s Are Coming

With the first ever Red Bull Drifting World Championship only a month and half away, the official Formula D blog has been abuzz with announcements about the upcoming event. The latest news is about a pair of BMW drivers from the Netherlands who will be competing. The first one is Remmo Niezen and his V8-powered E30 from the International Drift Series….

….and the second is Paul Vlasblom, one of Europe's most established drifters who has been seen drifting all over Europe in his famous E36 wagon.

Paul actually traveled to the USA for the D1GP All Star event last year, but a customs mix up left him car-less at Irwindale.

The pair of Bimmers will certainly add some variety to the car roster in Long Beach, and as the event gets closer,we will be doing a special "Cars of" post highlighting all of the appearing drivers and their vehicles.

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-Mike Garrett



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Yeah for Paul ;) oh and bring your earplugs haha


come on jeroen, his car isn't THAT loud! you haven't heard Conrad Grunewald's car in person yet! That thing is ridiculously ear popping loud!


BRING ON THE BMW's. Seriously.

I may have to make this event... just to support my fellow brethren.

Hopefully Paul's car will make it through customs this time.


Paul had restrictors on his car during the Recaro days. During the D1GP days in the UK Paul always had the loudest car. Just wait and hear ;)



bmw looks sick drifting

how come no one her in the states drift them


About time we get a BMW back in Formula D, it's been 3 years. In reply to Jon V.....Andy Sapp drifts a BMW and he competed in Formula D back in 2005.





YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My prayers have been heard!!!!!!


higher prices and less common in the usa and harder to find tuning parts?

but with those two togeter in a twindrift is it dificult to say who's winning haha, lots of ReRuns

and remmo is also loud when he hasnt any silencers, just look at the latest edition of the Bavaria city racing in Rotterdam om the net


Glad to see that the top drivers from continental Europe are now on your list.

You will be pleased that you made this decision.

After a disaster for both these guys at Irwindale and D1 last year they really deserve a good chance to show that drifting in continental Europe has come a long way. The Netherlands is by far the most advanced country regarding drift talent and both Paul and Remmo will show you that no doubt.

Looking forward to some great battles!!


Parts are not hard to find at all. Turbo kits and super charger kits are readily avaliable. You can hit bimmerforums and find motors for 1k. A lot cheaper than going out and buying an sr or rb. Cant wait to see these beasts sliding state side.


rad. the e30 M3 with its s14 motor is the euopean ae86.


here in PR there's a yellow boosted E36 M3 that's pretty hawt...


Take a look at the build of the V8.

Just scroll through the pages...


Recently, Remmo took part in a drift event through the streets of Rotterdam.

On this webpage you can watch a film with some in-car shots.


on remmo's edc debut, he came 2nd

on paul's debut he came top 8

on mike gaynor's edc debut he was top qualifier and came top 16 losing out to the round winner

BMWs are good drift cars


BMW is certainly an underrated car when it come to drifting.

Here is some more action:

V8 powered Nissan against Remmo's V8, and then against a Chaser.


REMMO< hier even een berichtje in je moers taal.

Heel veel sukses in Amerika.

Hoop dat het deze keer voor jou en Paul een geweldige ervaring wordt

met een happy end.