News>> Free Tickets To Red Bull Drift Event!

Sooo… who here wants to get FREE tickets to the Red Bull World Drift Championship event happening in the LBC on November 14, 15, and 16? (I'm raising my hand)

Well check it out – I just found out that is giving away FIVE free pairs of tickets to the Red Bull event! How do you get your chance to win?

EASY!!! Just comment on their blog on the page and tell them Antonio from sent you, and explain why you want or need the tickets! So easy!

In fact, it's pretty fun too! But be careful! You have to make sure to leave a good impression, so the EDRFT guys will choose your explanation on why you want the tickets! Since you will need to leave a good impression on them, I thought I'd give you some examples of what NOT to say:

Antonio's List of the Top 5 Things You SHOULDN'T Say If You Want FREE tickets to the Red Bull Drift Event

5) "Can I have a free ticket? Come on now, on three… One… Two… Three… SEND IT!"

4) "What? Cars? Ohhhh… I thought they were going to be riding bulls. Isn't that why they call it the Red Bull World Drift Championship?"

3) "Hey, is this the event where they crudely construct cars out of
hardware store materials and then try to make them fly, and drift them
into the ocean?"

2) "Oh, I thought you said Vodka/RedBull drift event! Nevermind then, because whatever you guys are doing there can't be as exciting as a Vodka and RedBull event."

1) "I stole one of those life size cardboard stand-up displays of Tanner Foust from the liquor store, and I want to take a photo of myself in the middle of a Tanner sandwich, in between the cardboard Tanner and the real Tanner."

Okay, that's enough…but hey, wouldn't it be crazy if a car sponsored by Rockstar won the Red Bull event though? Okay, that's enough joking around, go to and think up an excuse for why you should win the tickets!

-Antonio Alvendia



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does it come with free tickets from south-western Ontario to SoCal? :D


That 350 is boss....


hahahha tanner sandwich...

thats kida gross



fuck i wanna seethat ma bull

mad maike needs to rUn an entire season at fd

i already drove 6 hours to lbc this year.....

caint do it again....