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With yesterday's season finale at Irwindale Speedway, the fifth season of Formula Drift is in the books and that means in addition to the series champ, 16 of the drivers for next month's Red Bull World Drifting Championship have also been finalized. Before getting into the season standings, congrats must go to our own Vaughn Gittin Jr. for his win at Irwindale which marked his first career victory in Formula D. More congrats should go to rising driver Justin Pawlak for taking third place in his FC3S and of course to Tanner Faust for second place in the event and more notably his second consecutive Formula D championship.

Here is the final 2008 Formula D Top 16 season standings. As you known, all 16 of these drivers will be invited to compete at the Red Bull event next month.

1. Tanner Foust 350Z

2. Sam Hubinette Dodge Viper

3. Rhys Millen Pontiac Solstice

4. Daijiro Yoshihara Pontiac GTO

5. Chris Forsberg 350Z

6. Ryan Tuerck Pontiac Solstice

7. Michihiro Takatori R34 Skyline

8. Vaugh Gittin Jr. Ford Mustang

9. Conrad Grunewald Corvette

10. Robbie Nishida 350Z

11. Ryuji Miki Mazda RX7

12. Darren McNamara Saturn Sky

13. Stephen Verdier Subaru Impreza

14. Ken Gushi Scion TC

15. Bill Sherman Nissan S13

16. Justin Pawlak Mazda RX7

Congrats to everyone and we are looking forward to seeing what happens in Long Beach!

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Congrats to JR! Show 'em how its done!


I have a feeling JR's coming in soon with a pretty epic post.


We are absolutely ecstatic over your 1st Place win at the "House of Drift" in Irwindale.. I am so anxious to see some real footage of the event. Can't wait to see it on TV on the Speed channel soon. Great pictures Speedhunters. Looking forward to the World Chanpionship in Novemeber!!!!!


Woot, Tanner Foust is the man. I really hope Gushi steps up his game next season, he is "The Future" after all.


man i thought Daijiro Yoshihara got robbed in the top 16 man he should of moved on. i was also wanted to see k gushi but he didnt even make it; but good stuff by gittin super consistant. oh and if anyone ever meets orido he's a really cool guy.


As you may have already read from a previous Speedhunters report on the Formula D 2008 results , Tanner