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In my opinion, VW's new Scirocco quite a looker straight off the showroom floor, but there is always room for improvement right? How about this Scirocco from by the German tuning company Oettinger? The car improves on the Scirocco's already wide stance with subtle aero work and a set of ultra wide 20" wheels and tires pushed out to the corners of the car. Performance-wise, the Oettinger-tuned Sciorccos offer power outputs of up to 240hp with even more aggressive engine tuning in the works. Of course upgraded brakes and adjustbable suspension help to balance out the extra power while adding to the the car's aggressive stance.

Am I the only one that sees a little Porsche when looking at the rear quarters with those big wheels filling up the fenders?


Spotted on Autoblog

-Mike Garrett



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Yea I can see the Porsche in it a little. I really like how sweeping the whole car looks with this tune. It really reminds me of one of those awesome cartoony drawings of cars where the wheels are gigantic and proportions are off except its off the page and onto the street!


so depressed the US isn't getting it........


Cool car, but in other hand looks like J car. The front lights and fog lights. From the side it’s looks like a peugeot 306 or 206.


nice sketch ;)


That's looking nice!

Proud to say some of those babies are put together in my country - Portugal.


What better way to F up a "performance" car with only 240HP and weight over 3000lbs -- add 20s so it can accelerate like a snail.


Saw one of these the other day... real head turner. they looks awsome looks like a chop top in person!

This thing looks stunning, see the porsche essance too!


stunning,kinda like Porsche


i cant wait to see this car in Live for speed