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So… the veil has been partially lifted…. Nissan has now released three official pictures of the newest and greatest iteration of the much beloved Z; this time called the 370Z for us westerners. Over here at the Speedhunters we have a slightly different perspective on the car to offer our readers. Our colleagues on the Need for Speed team has been very busy collaborating with Nissan on the launch of the new car and have put together a special video showcasing the 370Z inside the upcoming Undercover game.

The outgoing 350Z was the car of choice for many aftermarking tuning companies around the world. It will be interesting to see how quickly the aftermarket tuners jump onto this car. I would imagine that by the time the Tokyo Auto Salon rolls around we'll be seeing the first modded up versions.

What do you think of the style of the lights? They appear to be part of Nissan's new design language. They are slowly growing on me tbh.

The front of the car looks pretty cool from this angle IMO. It certainly is a strong design statement. I'll have to wait until I see the car in person before I deliver a final verdict.

In the meantime you can check out the Need for Speed Undercover 370Z promo video. You'll be able to see the car from all angles to get a good sense of the new design.

I do really like how the car looks small and compact.. there is a real feeling of density to the design. As the name suggests the 370Z will be a powered by the same 3.7L V6
found in the Infiniti G37 and will be significantly lighter and a
little smaller than the current 350Z. The overall shape of the car is
almost much more compact with less overhang and draws a lot of
parallels to the original 240Z.

Another shot of the car showing the new lean and mean body. I like what
they have done with making the car smaller and lighter which helps
differentiate it from the larger and more luxurious G37 and the
monster-like GT-R.

I just wish there was less air between the top of the front tire and the wheel well. Nothing some new springs couldn't cure though.

The redesigned interior combines traits of the outgoing with Z with a
lot of the more modern design elements found on the G37. All in all it
looks like the 370Z will be quite a car, and big step up from the
already good 350Z. After all, more power and less weight is always a
good thing! Can't wait to see more about this one.

Enjoy the video… let us know what you think of the new car!



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its good to see someone is actually making car thats more powerful AND lighter than the previous generation for once


Whoa, lighter, more powerful,,,,, smaller. can it get any better?


It looks a lot like a M Coupe (Z4) and the rear window feels "hundai Genesis Coupe".... But it also reminds me of the old 240z so...I guess its alright! Should be fast anyway


Do NOT want. I see the (possible) S30Z intentions, the GT-R inspired A-Post/Window graphic, but the headlight/taillight design feels like a stretch to be different, the face feels like a snake cartoon, and rear looks like one or more of the discarded proposals for the previous Z33 with the upside down license plate "doghouse". Nice that it's smaller, but back to the drawing board without a doubt.



I like how they designed it, seems to be smaller than the 350Z (by the look at least).


i can't wait to drive it! i love the side profile!!! can't wait to see the Autech and Nismo versions!!!


not a fan of the looks at all, i think they ruined the nice lines the 350Z used to have, dont see it being as popular at all...


pretty cool in the vid, horrible on the renders (blame the renders)... looking forward to see it in real!


I agree 300% with the comment on the 240Z-drawn design cues, i really like the new greenhouse and C-pillar! very strong indeed. I also agree about the wheel-gap, it's too bad the fenders are so squared-off and vertical on the sides, it'd be better if they were like the 240's, less abrupt you know?


Video was amazing, i think ill wait until I see it in person to give my final verdict on the styling. I wish they could have kept the design a bit more crisp and clean, but hey faster and lighter are always better in my book!


needs more boost


Firstly, the dynamic upgrades (size, weight etc) have to be applauded.

As for the design. Initially i thought I preferred the 350 so i pulled up a couple pics to cross-reference. This new bodywork is so much nicer imo. The slope of the roof, that nice hard line on the back-window, more pronounced wheel arches, the stance.. the whole package is more agressive now I think. Looking at the 350 it almost feels like theres too much bodywork, like some dipshit teenager in massively wide jeans which float just above his shoes.

Good job Nissan. Please send me one


I agree with Yawnny here...headlights and tail lights ruin this car. Also, looking at the rear, all I can think is, "Chrysler Crossfire". Ew! I like the S30 inspired bodywork though, and the GT-R-like A-post. My money is on Nissan redoing the lights by 2010. One thing that I really do like is the Surprised nobody has commented on it yet.


I like it. as an owner of a 350Z i would LOVE to have the 370. At first i didn't like the head lights (immediately adored the tail lights, so gorgeous! The one thing i didn't like about the 350Z tail light its that the indicator and reverse lights are stuck oddly halfway down the bumper, this gets rid of that) but after a while of playing the game and watching the vid (honestly the game is really good play it, it's stance is perfect in the game!) I actually like the whole design now. It IS different styling, because it IS a new car completely. And thumbs up, all though the two wings on the front bumper could be pulled in a little more to the center (not the angle the entire columns) and the bottom edge of the mouth could be pulled down a little. I love the width, gives it a nice wide body without tacky intakes look.

I'm definitely saving for one, hoping they come in midnight purple (like my resprayed 350Z with black VOLK-TE37)!