Eye Candy>> Girls Of Fd Irwindale Pt.1

Here are a few photos we captured of some of the girls at Formula D Irwindale… big thanks to fashion photographer Dan Vanitcha for his great photos of the Need for Speed girls! ! On top, we have Need for Speed model Joanna Aimee, having fun with the Need for Speed edition Shelby Mustang Terlingua. The NFS team from Vancouver collaborated with Shelby American to put this specially supercharged Mustang together and brought the car down to the Need for Speed Undercover booth at Formula D Irwindale (after having their fun cruising it through Hollywood).

While DJ A1 and his friends from the mighty Beathackerz Collective (big respect to DJ B-Nasty in the background) kept people body rocking to their hip hop mixes in the pit area, Falken umbrella girl Randyl just had us jocking her rockin body…

Get a load of them apples! Even when they’re sharing a burrito, Apple Somoza and Ashley Sarto are definitely Chicago’s finest! Even this guy on the left thinks so!

Mariel, Miki, and their other friend from Prestigious Models were all crowded around this laptop on the grid area… they weren’t reading Speedhunters though, they were actually video blogging for their own site, PMgirls.com. Check out their site if you like girls.

While Justin Pawlak and Taka Aono‘s cars were parked together on the grid, umbrella girls (L-R) Lisa Angeline, Eri Moriyama, and Ashley Sarto stared off into the distance to watch the exciting on-track action!

I’ll leave you with this last one… this is Need for Speed model Tanya – she had quite a crowd gathered around the NFS edition Shelby Mustang Terlingua at the EA Games booth, and you can probably see why!

-Antonio Alvendia

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Oh.. I see now.. "we thought you might like to shoot the track action Dave" was some sort of code.. Hmmmm.. So, whilst I was running around in the grandstands and around the track, Antonio and Dan were having, err, a more relaxed time of it..!


Do U ThInK ThEy All HaVe BoIFrEnS?


haha LOL, now you know David.



Nothing else to say...


HAHA Brian...

you should hit them up on AIM. like... "asl?"

Dave: damn, you figured us out! now you know there's a reason i don't bring big glass to events! i cant get close enough to get phone num... err... the photos i need! haha


Friendster request.


SPEEDHUNTERS up in my hizzle house

ANTONIO ........ I have your book in my room.


ahhhhh. as always the Hankook girl wins the battle for my eyes. stunning. Nice costume too.

Now for a perfect contrast? Race cars next?


Wow thanks Brian! You have my book in your room? Awesome! I have your photo in my wallet! What!!! lol


Damn! I never get to see the Eye Candy! But thanks Antonio!


great topic choice antonio, hope to see a part 2 on this with more pictures ;) oh and if u got pics of the apex girls please post them up, i still never got their names...ah


oh dont worry ridgezero, i got the names and phone numbers homie... lol more on the way!


Sure beats promo girls from Australia......10 folds.


u lucky bastard antonio. i really hope ur not lyin about the numbers...lol keep up the good stuff pimpin :)