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The UK Time Attack series wrapped up its eventful 2008 season this past weekend at Snetterton Race Circuit and the event would determine the final season standings. In what was seemingly typical UK weather, the day got started under foggy, damp conditions but by the end the event day it appears that conditions were pretty pleasant. Lee Chung was there shooting the event and he has again allowed us to use his photos to share some of the action. Judging by this opening shot, I'd say that Snetterton looks like a pretty scenic course, and a great setting for some fall time time attack action.

Here are a few quick shots from the Time Attack season closer-

You probably know by now that the UK Time Attack series is FULL of Subaru Imprezas, but I think Steven Darley and his 550hp Impreza GC8 wagon stands out pretty well among the crowd. Looking at the photo, I noticed the turn down on the rear muffler. Anyone know if this was for noise restriction purposes or another reason?

You'd think there would be more Ford Escort RS's competing in UK Time Attack, but this is one of the only examples I can recall seeing. You can also see the spooky conditions of the track during the morning in this shot. For some reason when I picture the UK in my head, the skies always look like this.

Another rarity in a field full of tuned Japanese machines is Jeff Mileham's TVR Tuscan. At Snetterton Jeff took home second place in the Club Challenge NA Class, finishing just behind Craig Winstanley's V8-powered FD3S. Jeff and the TVR earned enough points to take the Club Challenge NA title for 2008.

The victory in the Club Challenge Forced Induction Class went to Kev Atkins and his Evo 6. Obviously this car's specs are not as extreme as the cars in the pro class, but this CP9A is a consistent finisher in the Club Challenge Class and Kev took the season title last year.This year's title went to another Kev, Kev Horsley in his GC8 Impreza.

In the Pro Class, third place at Snetterton went to Jamie Stanley in the RC Developments Evo. This car looks pretty tough with its big fat fender flares, concave wheels, and massive GT wing. All functional of course. 

I think Steve Guglielmi's Lotus Elise might be favorite car in the series. Not only does it look really cool, but it always does a stand-up job of fighting off its AWD rivals in the Pro Class. Guglielmi finished second place in both the Snetterton event and this season's standings.

And the big winner? Not surprisingly it was Olly Clark in the Roger Clark Motorsport Impreza GC8 who took the pro class win at Snetterton AND in the season points rankings. A great way to finish a dominant season for the Roger Clark team.

More of Lee's photos can be found here.

Congrats to all the winners, and here's looking forward to another interesting season in 2009.

Time Attack

-Mike Garrett



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Thanks to Lee for the images from the Time Attack championship this year, Much appreciated!


The RCM guys deserve it the car is flawless and if any one wants to get anywhere near it next year they are going to have to have some thing serious to bring to the table, cant wait to see it go next year.

For any one that has not seen it go....



I'm very impressed with Roger Clark Motorsport Impreza, it much has masive mechanical grip to win like it does without all the crazy canards, louvres, diffuser and GT wing like many of the other cars in the series


I thought the sewer pipe-style muffler exit was made that way so that when flames shoot out the exhaust on deceleration, they hit the ground and not your bodywork.


The down ward facing exhaust tip is to do with noise regulations, pretty much all UK tracks have had legal troubles over the last few years with people living near by complaining about noise levels,


Anyone know what year Steven Darley Subaru hatchback is?


No probs Andy on the pics.

With regards to Steven's Subaru, it's a 98/99 Version 5 STI Wagon.