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When I was looking for some photo's of The Athens Tuning Show I came across a topic on the Driftworks forum, one of the posters there posted a nice collection of photo's of the event. The Athens Tuning Show is the biggest car event in Greece, it's a mix between new cars from manufacturers and tuners from Europe. Together with the indoor show they also have a action arena outside where you can see drifters and some other special acts. This year, same as last year, Team Orange made an appearance and showed the people from Greece what drifting is all about.

Each year a lot of tuners from the UK make their way to the show to spend their holiday and show off their cars. This year there were many Time Attack and Drift cars from the EDC grid present. The car in the opening picture is an S14 build by GBH Motorsport. It is driven by Bob Parker in the UK Time Attack series. I'm not a fan of the front bumper but I guess it serves it purpose.

I love this NSX, it features the right amount of exterior modifications to make it look perfect. It reminds me of the cars that are running in the Top End NSX team from Japan. Only thing I would change are the mirrors.

As you may already have heard, Team Orange has shipped some of their cars to the UK to compete in the European Drift Championship. This makes it easier for them to compete both in Japan and the UK.  We can see them here in a drift together with a R32 build by Bee*R and a Z33 from the UK. The crowds in Greece really go crazy when they see drifters doing their thing.

This Supra was build with one thing in mind, the quarter mile. Lots of carbon to keep the weight down together with the proven 2jz I'm sure this car can lay down some serious times.

Another Time Attack contender from the UK. This R34 has some nice details like the front fenders and a Top Secret front bumper. The gold wheels always go nice together with the Bayside blue color of the car.

This Fensport Celica has seen action on Tsukuba when it  took part in ther annual Revspeed Time Attack event last year. The car features a 3SGTE engine which is stroked to 2.1 liter. For more info on this amazing AWD car I suggest you take a look here.

It's cool to see these old school cars still going sideways. The Ford Escort MK1 was used heavily in rally's in the 60's. It was very successful and Ford made several versions ending with the top model called the RS2000 with a 2 liter engine.

These two BMW's see action in the Hellenic Drift Championship. The BMW is a very popular platform to start drifting in Europe, parts are cheap and readily available.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Pictures spotted on Driftworks

Athens Tuning Show



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HOLY CRAP! I can see my face in one of the pictures! lol!

btw last year's Athens Tuning Show were better organized, with more cars and visitors...


@Kostas - Is that a good thing or a bad thing? ;)


nice shots, man i havnt seen a drag supra in forever.


good pics


I love that drag Supra!


I was there....!!!! it was just perfect


the best show