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I don't think it's much of a stretch to say the Japan has the best convince stores in the world. Whether it's freshly made onigiri rice balls, bento lunches, or the latest issue of your favorite magazine, the conbini have everything you could want. They also have a nice selection of toys that come packaged randomly in small boxes that include everything from WWII fighter planes and motorcycles to alien monsters. I always have to take a look at these things when i drop by the neighborhood Seven Eleven, and the other day I came across something I couldn't live without, the 1/64 scale "Granchan Collection" from Aoshima.

As you might know, when you buy toys like this you aren't sure which one you are going to get until you open the box.

In this particular series you will get a diecast replica one of the following cars in various colors-

'70 RA20 Celica 1600 GT

'82 GX61 Toyota Mark II

'72 GC110 Kenmeri Skyline 4-door

'77 HGC210 Japan Skyline 4-door

I figured none of those could be bad so I picked one up along with a bottle of water and a copy of Ibaraki Auto Guide. I was kind of hoping I would get the Kenmeri Skyline, but when I opened up the box I saw that I got the Celica 1600GT. Not bad…

The little Celica comes complete with shakotan stance, root beer metal flake paint, a huge chin spoiler, and a set of Hayashi Street CR wheels. The detail on this thing is amazing, and it's not surprising considering all the experience that Aoshima has with this stuff. The price of about 450 yen is not bad at all and I think it will make a nice addition to my small, but growing collection of stuff I have bought while in Japan.

When my father-in-law saw what I bought, he started telling me about how he used to own a bright red Celica LB back in the day with really wide wheels…

Gotta love the stuff you find at Seven Eleven in Japan.


-Mike Garrett



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Wow.... they did a really good job on that considering how you bought it. The paint around the window looks perfect.... I've seen lots of regular size models cars that don't look that nice....


thats pretty cool man especially cuz its a celica. i have a 76/77 blue celica coupe toy made by a american toy company. very detailed also and i was surprised to see it in a rite aid and at 4$ a awesome buy


For 1/64, I think the Celica looked very well put-together and painted. Love those wheels too! LOL, that chin spoiler is ridiculously huge :D