Random Snap>> Wald Jzs147 Gs300/aristo

I was just talking about first gen Lexus GS300s (JZS147) with my good friend Chris Manacop; soon after our conversation, he emailed me a photo he shot of this black JZS147 GS300, which has been refreshed with a new black paint job, Wald aero kit, and Japanese OEM Aristo 3-piece taillight conversion. Very nice – simple and clean is my favorite style, so I think this GS looks pretty good! Don't you guys think so?

I don't know what's under the hood of this car, but it seems to me that this type of chassis would be the perfect candidate for a swap. I would love to have one of these JZS147s with a JZA80 Supra engine and transmission; I'm talking about Toyota's powerful, bulletproof turbocharged inline-6 2JZGTE engine with an HKS T04Z turbo, and Getrag 6-speed transmission of course… awesome.

Furthermore, if I owned one of these older-bodied GS300s, I'd prefer not to make it too VIP styled; instead, I'd love to have a Dori-VIP 4-door sedan, a la Kanagawa Style. I do believe the coolest sedans come from Kanagawa… although, some of the cars coming out of the Chiba area of Japan are giving the Kanagawa style cars some strong competition! One day…

Props to the owner of this clean JZS147 GS!

-Antonio Alvendia