Random Snap>> Wald Jzs147 Gs300/aristo

I was just talking about first gen Lexus GS300s (JZS147) with my good friend Chris Manacop; soon after our conversation, he emailed me a photo he shot of this black JZS147 GS300, which has been refreshed with a new black paint job, Wald aero kit, and Japanese OEM Aristo 3-piece taillight conversion. Very nice – simple and clean is my favorite style, so I think this GS looks pretty good! Don't you guys think so?

I don't know what's under the hood of this car, but it seems to me that this type of chassis would be the perfect candidate for a swap. I would love to have one of these JZS147s with a JZA80 Supra engine and transmission; I'm talking about Toyota's powerful, bulletproof turbocharged inline-6 2JZGTE engine with an HKS T04Z turbo, and Getrag 6-speed transmission of course… awesome.

Furthermore, if I owned one of these older-bodied GS300s, I'd prefer not to make it too VIP styled; instead, I'd love to have a Dori-VIP 4-door sedan, a la Kanagawa Style. I do believe the coolest sedans come from Kanagawa… although, some of the cars coming out of the Chiba area of Japan are giving the Kanagawa style cars some strong competition! One day…

Props to the owner of this clean JZS147 GS!

-Antonio Alvendia



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toyota badge would complete the look....but other than that, perfect stuff


nice looking car.... those rear wheels look like they sit perfect...anymore pics??


wtf, when did chris shoot this car, it looks effin clean!!


Actually Antonio, the JZS147 does come with the 2JZGTE from factory (hence the designation "JZ" on the chassis code). But they were only available in automatic.


We need more pics of this thing. Looks like a wide wheel set and cool rear spoiler, can't see!! Ahh!


I think throwing in a VK 4.5 liter would be an awesome swap for these cars. Unless you're a purist of course!


Sean: Actually, this car is a GS300, based in Southern California. These US market JZS147s never came with 2JZGTEs, because the T signifies turbocharger. These US cars came with a 2JZGE (pretty much the same as an NA Supra engine); that's why the 2JZGTE is a popular swap for these cars. But I'm sure you all already know that.

I think one of these GS300s with a manual transmission swap would be very fun to play with!


oh more shots please....


thumbs up!


I love how the Wald emblem kinda looks like a Mercedes AMG emblem.


With a manual gearbox these would be fun I think!


Hey guys,

Thanks for the positive comments everyone. I didn't even know about this until a friend informed me. Anyhow, I did everything possible to this car inside and out minus a swap. The paint is Bentley Beluga Black and I wanted to give it the JDM/USDM Feel. I contemplated adding the Toyota emblem, but in the end opted not to.

Props to Chris for shooting the car and I hope he posts more pics because I haven't seen them all. *cough* still waiting Chris, haha.

Antonio, I haven't met you, but I look forward meeting you one day.

I welcome everyone to join a forum that I moderate and post on which are VipStylecars.com and LuxuryJcars.com.

Hope to see you guys on the forum and thanks for the support.



cool,but we need more pics of this ride


Ah. I never knew that the GS300 counterpart used the 2JZGE. That kinda sucks.

You may (or may not) know this already, but you should check out Kazama Auto's JZS161 Aristo, which I believe is the thing you're looking. Manual 2JZGTE VVTi swap from a Supra with handbrake conversion, clean simple VIP look, fully functioning interior and best of all, drift/track weapon.


Sounds good Sean, we'll definitely look into it, thanks for the info dude!

Bryan: Chris Manacop is extremely busy, so I think we're lucky he took time out of his schedule to even give us this one photo. But yeah, that guy has skills! Look out for more work from Chris Manacop on Speedhunters in the future!

Oh yeah, I know about VipStylecars.com and LuxuryJcars.com ....sorry I just forgot to link up at the end of the article. Poyet is my old school friend (and Chris's cousin), so of course I know the site!

Anyway, Bryan... is that Wald emblem integrated onto your wing? Or can it be moved just below the right taillight? Cause I think it would look super dope right there.


Alright!much props to you Wald GS.your car is sick!!!!


Poyet is a good friend of mine, what a small world.

The Wald emblem is not integrated and it can be placed anywhere. I really liked the way the Wald model car had it and placed it in the same spot.


Thanks for your input.



i demand more shots of this car!!! lol

very clean and well done!


What up Bryan. I knew that was your car. Post up in the staff boardroom when u get a chance. Mr. MIA