Random Snap>> Vintage Vip: Toyota Century

I just wanted to share this photo with you guys before I forgot… check out this old school Toyota Century that I spotted at JCCS in Irvine. I really dig this car – it has all the makings of an awesome old school street cruiser. This Century's low stance, gold Enkei 92 mesh wheels, and clean, original bodylines just bring one thought to my mind… "damn, that looks gangster!"

Yeah yeah, people who think in proper book vocabulary or "the Queen's English" might roll their eyes because of my choice of adjective… I agree, it's been overused like crazy, but that's what immediately came to mind when I saw this car! It does look like an old school gangster vehicle… just imagine this car in its native habitat; creeping though the dark, narrow sidestreets of Saitama's nishi-Kawaguchi area late at night, with cigarette smoke wafting out of the tinted windows. This car does look gangster! it's kind of like the Japanese version of a six-fo –  a 1964 Chevrolet Impala! Don't you guys think?

-Antonio Alvendia