Car Spotlight>> Slammed Lexus Ls400 In Long Beach

Downtown Long Beach is such a nice place to visit. Occasionally, I have to go there for meetings at the Belle 1 Communications or Formula D offices, or occasional events like Formula D Long Beach or the Spocom show. On the day of the Spocom show, just as I was wondering if I'd have enough time to check out the new arrivals at Proper, I spotted this UCF10 in the parking structure.

I happen to have a black UCF10 in my garage among my old school Toyota collection, so I definitely had to stop and take a photo of this car! This Lexus LS400 looks wayyy better than mine, which is pretty clean, but I just use it for occasional grocery getting/errand duties when I have to drive places that I wouldn't want to take my AE86.

I think the fender work and repaint on this LS400 makes it look a lot cleaner and more aggressive than normal! Most black LS400s have a gray lower half, due to the Lexus two-tone "high end" look. However, the owner of this car had it painted black, to give the car a more monotone look, and pulled the fenders to accept wider wheels.

The wider wheels in question are AME Shallen LX, which I'm absolutely in love with. I think these wheels look sooo good, and was planning on getting them for my own LS400 at one point. You can imagine how shocked I was to see this LS400 in the Long Beach Convention Center parking lot; it already had the exact wheels I wanted, and was slammed to the ground without an aftermarket aero kit, only stock bodywork. I LOVE that look; it was exactly what I was planning to do with my own LS400. I think the owner of this car has great style!

I like the rear camber and subtle stretch on the rear wheels. It's not too crazy; it's just right. The OEM exhaust tips look good on this UCF10 also. This car goes to show that simple is sometimes better!

Here's a view from the side. This car must have air suspension in order to have it sit this low! I think this UCF10 looks awesome because of its tasteful modifications and clean, simple style. I dislike cars that are overdone and too showy, I prefer simple, clean cars with aggressive stances and good wheels. This UCF10 fits that category perfectly! Props to the owner of the car for putting together such a simple and well done car.

-Antonio Alvendia



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I totally agree with you on the "less is more" philosophy, but personally I think this state of mind has been forgotten in the wheel size + stance selection :\


"less is more" works eyes are to busy looking at the wheels to notice the rest of the car..drool..


Any one know where I can radius my wheel fenders near Long Beach?


i concur 100% with your statements on simplicity being best :) OEM+ all the wayyyyy!


wow nice find. yeah whoever the owner is he did this LS right.


Don't know about the owner.. but the front tells it might be through Rusnak..



heha. i'm such a "noob" with these things.. :D


Nice LS, and since we're on the lexus topic, are you guys still planning to post more pix of Kumakubo's GS??


HEY THATS MY CAR! lol I was at Spocom. No i didnt get the car from Rusnak haha. I didnt want to rock the California front plate, and it looked empty without something there so I put a Rusnak plate on it. I have Before and After pics on my Myspace if you guys want to check it out!

Thanks for the compliments guys!


just curious Hieu if u dont mind answering wat kind of suspension is on ur ride?


Hott. If I had to choose between Megan Fox and your car, you'd have a hole in your grille.


Its sitting on JIC FLT-A2 Coilovers with UAS aerosport air bags, 2 Viair compressors and dual 3gal. tanks


I checked ur myspace Hieu nice pics on the build up. Mad props if you did the body and suspension work with ur own hands. good stuff


thats my buddy ^^


a true VIP platform. do you have Bronze tint?


Thanks guys. yes i did all the work myself (except for paint, i dont trust myself painting lol). I have bronze tint on the rears and regular on the fronts (the original owner tinted it that way for some reason...). I'm planning to tint it a really light bronze all around, and really light regular tint on the windshield