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The Street racers in Italy will have a hard time outrunning this Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Polizia. The car was donated by Lamborghini to the Italian State Police. It will replace the Gallardo that was introduced in 2004. The car will be used by the Lazio Highway Police Department to sustain the security on the Italian highways.

For Lamborghini it is a showcase to ensure the reliability of their cars, the first Gallardo that was introduced back in 2004 already clocked 87.000 miles. 30 officers will be allowed to drive the car after special training from the Lamborghini test drivers. They also received training in the use of the equipment that is onboard like the medical kit.

The car is outfitted with the latest gadgets like a high tech video system with real time retrieval. When the police have spotted you and taken a picture of you speeding they will send the picture using radio data transmission to the nearest police station for a number plate recognition. This will be used to identify the car or to see if it's stolen.

This LP560-4 is powered by a V10 with 560ps and 540Nm. Top speed is set on 203mph and the 60mph is in reach within 3,7 seconds. I don't think there will be a lot of cars that will outrun this raging bull on full throttle.

A custom dashboard has been made to house all the electronics. You can see the high speed camera besides the rear view mirror. The old school ‘Paletta' is also still in use, it's the traditional hand held stop sign to advise motorists and traffic offenders to pull over.

The next time I will be in Italy I will think twice when speeding on highways surrounding Lazio, I suggest you do the same.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Automobili Lamborghini



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looks like the Gallardo received a facelift! that's news to me, i kinda like the way it looks now, though it is a little too "audi" in the head- and tail-lamps. i like the new hips and engine cover very much though! :D


I think it's really neat that Lamborghini is willing to donate time and effort to aid the Italian police with their highway enforcement. Obviously this is a quid-pro-quo relationship, but beyond the marketing value of such a stunt it looks like it's set to be a full-fledged police vehicle unlike some 'nicer' police cars. Here in London (ontario) we had an Acura RSX-S as a police car, donated by the local dealership and with a few bolt-on mods, but it was only meant to raise awareness for what is legal and what isn't in terms of modifications. The constable driving it never used it (as far as I know) to pull anyone over or otherwise perform what would be considered regular police duty. This thing, on the other hand...


this is awsome, but how do you arrest someone? do you strap em on top of the engine?


It is purely a highway patrol type car and if there ever was a situation that called for more than a ticket the officer would call in one of his partners to haul em' away


they shame the offender into following them back to the station :D


But still, the Top Secret V12 Supra will outrun this cop car in Nardo, Italy. hahaha!


"this is awsome, but how do you arrest someone? do you strap em on top of the engine?"

hahaha for real


I like the german police cars ( brabus rocket ) or (techart porsche ) you should post them here to ^_^


one sly


Most awesome marketing of evah!


knightrider got nuthin on this car!


The lamborgini polizia car is the best Italian police car ever seen be me.


The lamborgini polizia car is the best Italian police car ever seen be me.