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While browsing through some blogs the other day I found this 260Z 2+2 on the Corner Balance blog. I never really heard of a 2+2 Nissan Z. So after some email contact with Kwame Asante from Z1 Performance I got some more information. He even provided me the original source of the photo's on Zclub.

The car itself was a restoration project and it turned out more than nice. It surprised me that the owner lives in Ireland. I really love what they are doing to cars in the UK and Ireland, the rest of Europe could learn a thing or two. The classic car scene is very much alive and they have some great restoration projects going on.

A little bit more about the 260Z; the 260Z was introduced in 1974 with a new 2.6 liter engine as a replacement for the 240Z. Together with the 260Z coupe Nissan also introduced a 2+2 version. It is a true 4 seater but you will have to real small to fit in the back.

The owner removed the entire rear bumper to create this clean look. I really like it, you can also see this kind of tuning on a lot of European cars like the Golf MK1. On the original 260Z there were chrome trimmings but the owner didn't liked the look of it so he decided to paint everything black. In the end I think he made the right decision because the black goes very well together with the navy grey color of the car.

From this angle you can clearly see that this isn't your ordinary 260Z, the roof line and the rear windows are different. The wheels are made by Image Wheels and come in 17×10 in the rear with 255 tires and 17×9.5 in front with 235 tires.

Nice shot from the rear with its 255 wide tires. Nissan has made a real good effort with the 350Z but it doesn't come close to these classic lines.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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wow, the 2+2 really works well.


wheel-man style!

who need's a rear bumper?!?!


Wow!!! Never a fan of 260's "love 240's" but wow! Amazing!!!


Thats lovely, so original.


Oh hell yes.


waoh a 2+2.. things are usually fugly, but this one looks awesome


"I really love what they are doing to cars in the UK and Ireland, the rest of Europe could learn a thing or two."

Well, that may be true, and Portugal certainly IS NOT an example since people are still stuck on ricing rather than proper tuning - all bling and no go most of the times too, BUT apart from the people who REALLY know what they're doing, I haven't seen that much great stuff from Britain...

And there's to prove that... Well, that and Pimp My Ride UK...


not bad for a 2+2... they where available starting in 74 with the 260 and continued way into the 80's on the 280zx..


@Naga_Ten - I was talking about the classic car scene.

And remember the cars that are build in Britain and Ireland that compete in the various Time Attack and Drift events.


Man I loooove the S30Z, But the 2+2 is just hopeless. Even with all the right parts and colors like this one.


Naga_Ten Pimp My Ride UK is certainly not representative of the majority of british car tuning as i've seen it. It's like applying Pimp My Ride to american tuning, again simply not the majority just a highly-offensive and bright minority in the tuning scene :P you'll obviously notice the things that stand out and you dislike more than you will cars like this one: clean, simple and mostly OEM.


The roof-line is definitely interesting! i just ran a google image search for "260Z" and it's apparent that all 2+2 260's have this roof-line and i think they also might be like a foot longer (just eyeballing it), while the two-seaters have the old-school 'pinched' C-pillar of the 240Z, and look essentially the same as its predecessor.


Also i'd like to add, i really like this car and i disagree with Ole-M :P


the extra length reminds me for some reason of a Bugatti Type 41 Royale with its loooooong bonnet


Yo, is it rude to ask for original content?


i cant see how this car could be compared with the uber long type 41 royale,the bonnet on the royale is practicly as long as this car.


lol it's absurd, i know, but that's what i'm reminded of! :D


that 260z is too nice, too too nice


damn. i never thought the 260z's can look good. this is pretty nice.


Best 260z EVER


first time i've seen the 2+2 and i'm really digging the style. the rear window section really reminds me of a kpgc10 skyline... sorta like the front of an s30z combined with the rear of kpgc10.


also, maybe it's just the angle of the photo but were the fender mirrors always staggered front to rear, depending on driver or passenger side?


That thing is awsome, love the colour and those weels are pretty nice to. I think an RB26 would top it off though


I think an RB26 would waste it off though. Those are classic cars, once all the people had swapped em with RB26 they'll lost their value...


I agree...nothing wrong with the L28 :) Old school, but tons of power is lurking within!


The rear of the car reminds me of one of the older Skylines, not the Hakosuka, but the one after that. "Ken and Mary"? Or something like that.