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When I mentioned to my good friend Felix Tang that I'd be interested in shooting some garages and car shops that were relatively close to where I live, he mentioned that I should check out Smoothlinez, which is in San Gabriel Valley. I had never previously heard of Smoothlinez, because apparently the way they get most of their customers is from word of mouth advertising; people posting photos of their engine builds or swaps on the internet, etc. I'll admit that I don't normally check websites related to 240s, but from what Felix tells me, a lot of people in the S13/S14 community know about this shop, even though they also specialize in doing Honda swaps, and even have some rotary projects they're working on.

So Felix and I stopped by Smoothlinez real quick yesterday, just so I could see what it was like, and because I was trying to see if they knew anyone interested in the brand new Project Mu height adjustable camber plates (S14/S14/S15)  I'm selling for my friend.

Check out this red S13 Silvia, owned by Rick from Smoothlinez. I thought it looked pretty cool strapped to their Dynojet dyno with the backlighting from the doors and windows.

Kind of cool seeing a sleeping S13 is this type of setting. Hood up, SR and HKS T04Z turbo in sight, with a transmission right there… BTW, if you didn't notice… Yes, it is widebody… with steel fenders.

Even cooler seeing this right hand drive Mazda Savannah RX3 RE12 with fender mirrors and Watanabe wheels! This car was imported from Japan, and is now receiving a 13B engine from an FC3S Turbo II.

Here's the back view of the car – yup, the paint is chipping and cracking pretty badly, but the owner says they will be tearing the car down and media blasting/repainting the car anyway. Ever wonder how you can tell the difference between RX2s and RX3s at a quick glance? (I used to wonder this, before someone schooled me…)

RX2s have 2 taillights in the back, RX3s have 3. It's that easy.

See the RE12 emblem? It signifies Rotary Engine, 12A. Because originally this car came with a 12A engine. I wish they were going to rebuild it with a carbureted, bridge ported 12A instead of that 13B turbo (to keep things period correct), but I guess not everyone shares my point of view when it comes to building cars.

I've even heard that some people out there don't care if their cars have good offset wheels or not, but I'm sure they'll come around one day when they finally own a set. We can change the world, one car at a time…

Speaking of wheels and offset, check this out! Dayammmm!!! If you have a widebody S13, BUY THESE WHEELS!!! Work Equip 18×10 and 18×12, for only $1500!!! Maybe I should buy an S13 just to put these wheels on it! Sick! Thanks to the guys at Smoothlinez for showing us around the shop, and thanks to Felix for recommending it. (And driving me there!)

-Antonio Alvendia



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I've seen those rims on ebay! I've been tempted by them for my R324 Skyline but I dont have the funds right now, so frustrating!


more pics of the widebody s13!


pretty sick looking shop. wish there were shops like this closer to me. i loove the two s13 too.


love that red s13


im gettin those wheels for sure...


I love garage pictures. It is awesome to see where countless hours are spent turning wrenches and making magic happen.

Keep 'em coming!


Who make's that red S13's front bumper, looks like its from a OEM sileighty.


That's hard to tell what turbo he's running.

The HKS T04Z looks like this:


STJ, I don't think there were oem sileighty anything. Am I wrong? It's slipping my mind right now..

But the red s13's bumper is an oem aero bumper (off a silvia obviously)


@ Felixxx

yes, there were oem sileightys. 500 units were produced by kid's heart for nissan and inofficially sold through nissan dealerships. wonder where those cars are, must be worth a fortune.

btt... the widebody s13 looks ultra sexy. can you post more pics? do they have a website?


The pic of the Red S13 on the dyno is requested as a desktop please!


HAHAHAAA Felixxx! You just got internet schooled sucka!!! haha jk, but he's absolutely right about Kid's Heart, but I dunno if you consider something like specially made cars from other Nissan contractors (ie: Kid's Heart, Autech, Nismo etc) OEM? hm, that's a good topic for discussion. I suppose Nismo stuff could be considered OEM, but what about Kid's Heart and Autech?

Cause if Nismo is = to TRD, then maybe Kid's Heart and Autech would be equivalent to Toyota Team Tom's or Toyota Team Europe...? In that case, I'd say it was a "special edition sold through the Nissan dealer" rather than OEM... but whatever, it's just a technicality, and IMHO, u both are right, depending on how you look at it. Right...?


Oops....I meant RX-3.


Holy crap, that Mazda RX-2 is tight!


actually the turbo is a hks gt3037 s-pro

its a fully top mount kit from hks

you guys should check out that black custom widebody s13

the body is one of a kind