Video>> Team Orange Ebisu Triple Drift

On my first day back at the office after our epic Speedhunting trip in Europe and Japan, I rushed straight over to meet with our editor Riley, to hand him a hard drive full of amazing imagery from Ebisu, Leipzig, Honjyo, Spa and Suzuka…. But our first order of business was to edit this video piece: Team Orange Triple drifting on the famous Ebisu Circuit in Japan!

I have to say it was quite something else to have the world's most famous drift team performing their triple action drifting, all for the sake of a Speedhunters film. Not only that, but we were in the hills of Japan at the spiritual home of Drifting, Ebisu Circuit. Amazing… one of those moments where you wonder if you are in a dream….

Well it must have been real as we have now made a film about the experience… There is no purpose behind this film other than to celebrate the art form know as drifting. I'm sure you'll agree this is one our best works…

I have to send big thanks to our resident drift obsessive Antonio for making the arrangements with Team Orange…. tx m8!

Also big respect to Rob Bullough AKA Ekstrak for the amazing music. I've worked with Rob for a few years now, and he absolutely never fails to deliver. I think his music sounds like the inside of my brain! No joke. If you want to hear more of his material check out his website. Rob scored the music specifically for this piece which really brings together image and sound.

And finally, many thanks to Team Orange for taking the time to run their cars around the track for us. Cheers guys!




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awesome! thanks for the great videos~


This is seriously the best Speedhunters video yet! The Editing and Camera angles are just amazing. The music is top notch. Quality is crisp and clean! How many cameras did you have set up!? Was this just one run?

This video is beautiful. The masterful skills of team orange coupled with the views of ebisu circuit, its amazing how you were able to capture so many elements perfectly. This is the only video you ever need to show someone that doesnt know what drifting is. Hills of japan with the kings of the drift game putting on a beautiful display of what this sport is all about.

This one is probably my fav drift clip of all time. Thank you for this! Phenomenal job!


I am speechless!!! First mutha "F"ing class!!! It makes me want to shout at the devil :)


Excellent, awesome video.


Very cool Rod.


hot action there.


Looks like a commercial, good job.


I like the editing style on this one alot. The video has a very cool feel to it. Good job guys


Oh man! This has to be one of the greatest drifting vids of all time! You guys did a incredible job on this! Do you think it will be on youtube any time soon, I'd like to put it on my myspace! lol


that is pure awesomnes!!!


Fantastic...I love it I can't wait to see a team come out of Canada that talented.


Team Orange is always Cool!!! Nice drift! Nice video!


That GC is sexy as hell.


WOW.....Rod your brain sounds sweet. Cool music!

Great content here fellas......I love this site!


The Gc and the other Subi rox... But Kumakubo still drive the S15 I love that car if I have an S15 I want one like his..

Ebisu is a dream


Nice vid Rod.

@ Namakeshi, i think he used the S15 in the vid because the Evo was with a broken engine at that moment,


what editing program do you use?


Rod.. im speechless. Gets better evrytime!


watching this video has inspired me to make something similar but in a much smaller scale:

i love ur vid


Damn, that video is some good effor guys! And just sick when I see Subarus drifting! Damn!


[View:] The Team Orange Ebisu Triple Drift video


great vid. kill the effects.


dope vid! big ups...


I love that s15 u guys have it my favorite cars i what to now how to yoing the drifting competitions, can u guy help me out?


What song is that? Who is the artist?


It's been a while since we released a Speedhunters video I know.... but after a few delays, the production


When we launched just over a year ago we had two types of videos in production: Slo