Video>>montage: Porsche Racing ’76

Ever heard the saying, "Man plans and God laughs"? Well sometimes this can be very true. You work on very detailed production plans, get everything organized to minute details… and then events take on a very different course. Sometimes the tendency is to get annoyed, but one should really try and roll with the punches, right?

As I've mentioned before, we've been collaborating with Porsche a lot this month and they have kindly given us access to several of their vintage race cars, production cars and photo archive etc etc…. We've also been planning out a film with them about the 1974 Porsche RSR Turbo. Unfortunately, it now seems like we don't have enough archive film footage to complete this film… Normally this would be a disaster but in all actuality it's a bit of a blessing as we have something pretty cool to show you.

Porsche sent us some amazing ultra-rare film footage from their 1976 World Championship racing season with the Martini Porsche 935.

After having written about this car only very recently, I couldn't beleive my luck that we can now share with you some actual racing footage from this period of time.

Dijon, Le Mans, Nurburgring… this is some amazingly rare racing footage with some great camera style to boot.

Thanks to Porsche for opening their film archive to us to put together this special little audio-visual montage.

I also need to thank our video editor Riley for his video post production styles… nice one Riley!

:Rod Chong

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amazing stuff, keep it up!


great stuff rod, man I wish you could still get that close to the track today without credentials


Motorsports at it finest!




Move it ! i like to..........


really nice video but the music is annoying,i want to hear the engine not a dj scratching.RAw video would had be better.


It would've been totally life and death being a camera-man/photographer back in those days! Did you see the distance between the cars, barrier and the dudes standing on the grassy patch!!!!! Freaking suicide!!!!! What a time to be in the world of motorsports back then! Totally freaking awesome! Where did you boys dig up the old footage from?


awesome stuff guys - amazing footage. Was it all LeMans, or a mix of events?


The first part looks like Dijon, there is a short bit from the Nurburgring and then the last half or so of the film is all Le Mans.


Are we going to have a Square Beemer month soon?


The guys at Speedhunters have been obsessed with all things Porsche this month. To continue the fun,


Hey, did everyone see the little Nissan S30 towards the end of the video getting loose! 240Z at LeMans!!



I agree with snoro. I had to turn my speakers off to get through the video. Even with the sound off, the video "effects" were hard to take.


Linky no worky =(




The video effects and music ruined what would have been a pretty amazing video. It got in the way of enjoying some "amazingly rare race footage" even with the speakers turned off. Should have done like Katzin in LeMans and Grand Prix, and just let the cars be the cars -- it's why we're here after all.


"I had to turn my speakers off to get through the video. Even with the sound off, the video "effects" were hard to take."