Video>> 2008 911 Gt2 Vs 1973 911 Rs

So that's it for Porsche month… it's been quite the odyssey for the site it has to be said. Perhaps we went a bit crazy with our outpouring of love for the cars from Stuttgart… For those of you who were pained by this experience we apologize hahaha. It's hard to please everyone isn't it.

At any rate regular service is about to be resumed.

For now we'll leave you with this video we've been working on for the past few weeks. It features one brand new 2008 Porsche 911 GT2 from the Leipzig driving school and one freshly restored 1973 Porsche 911 RS from Porsche museum in Stuttgard.

The video also features one friendly American guy who some how got it in his head that EA was going to buy him a Porsche… Where did you get idea from Antonio?

This video is a bit of a new direction for us… we've taken Antonio from behind the lens and stuck him in front of my video camera. I think he's done a good job don't you?

Let us know if you want to see more of this type of film in the future… or should we be sticking to slo-mo moments only?

Ok that's it from me for Porsche month!





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lol nice try Antonio, i'd probably try get one of those cars too :D


Howeverrrr, the name "Carrera" comes from the mexican endurance race of the same name, since Porsche had some success there before they shut the race down in the '50s. Similarly, Targa is named after an enduro (Targa Florio).


you are right about the word meaning "race", but i just wanted to illustrate that the reason they named it that was for _the_ race. and yes, i'm a nerd when it comes to german cars 8)


very nice.. but you didnt get to drive it/??? awwwwww


Awesome vid to round off an awesome month.... great work guys!!! Give us both types of vids... slomos and normal vids~ both are great!


Great vid. Would have enjoyed it more if it went for longer(obviously haha).

Feel free to send me all the GT2 footage you've got. :D


You guys have had an awesome month. I must admit Porsche never really stirred my passion for cars in the same way as some other manufacturers but your articles have educated me on their finer points. Thanks for the awesome work you have done :)


Great vid! Quality just gets better and better. The action with that GT2 is just sick! Watching that car drift is just nice. Nice job hosting this vid even with the shameless AE86 plug lol!


good footage. but lacked in information. did you ever race the two cars to see which is faster? did the carrera RS even stand a chance against the GT2, i doubt it.


Thumb up, thumb up! (big toes pitchin in also ;) )


This is a much better change in pace than the slo-mo video. Great video :)


Not much of a commenter, but you guys really killed it this month with all of the Porsche content. It helps that I want an original RS more than almost any other car, but most any car enthusiast has to at least appreciate Porches. You even did a good job with this video. The cuts between the RS and GT2 were really nice, and 60p drifting GT2 shots were glorious.


go on what blueslug post

its Carrera Panamericana, wich is in Mexico, and it was first Porsche "big win"...


awesome video

loved it when i saw you drifting the GT2

the slow mo video is nice and artistic, but i prefer videos with the sound of the engine roaring and tires squeaking

gooooood job


Ahh the drifting was done by the Porsche test drivers....


Hey Antonio..never knew you did videos too!! cool stuff and I'm heaps jealous you got to drive? the GT2..that car is hot!




I felt like i was watching a Speed TV show about lambos with sound systems and 22s


what a lame ass video with a fat asian guy


By now you guys have probably seen the great video footage that Rod shot at Porschewerks Leipzig for