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As the Porsche Feature month draws to an end, I thought it would be a good idea to show some of the iconic liveries which have graced racing Porsche's over the decades. Our first example is a group shot of the Porsche 956/962 from the Rennsport Reunion back in 2007. Seems an awesome event.

The Porsche 956 and 962 dominated endurance racing around the world. The 956 made its competition debut in 1982 (the car with 'ROTHMANS' in Capitals is one of the first chassis). The 962 was an updated chassis with a new engine, initially 2.8 Litre Twin Turbo. There were some differences between the Group C spec and the IMSA spec cars. A total of 91 chassis were built, which is impressive for an Endurance racer.

Back to the image, the central group of cars show the Rothmans liveried works cars. The works cars were very dominant, but they did come under some pressure from non-works teams like Joest and Braun. The livery design was very simple but elegant and became iconic on a Porsche. Individual cars were picked out by coloured windshield strips to help the engineers on the pit wall (called the Pratts Perch!)

The two cars on the outside are IMSA spec Holbert Racing Lowenbrau sponsored cars. Al Holbert won three consecutive IMSA championships in between 1985-7 in a car which was built under licence by the team. Its one of the most recognisable racecars in American Racing. The livery is very similar with dark blue side panels and predominantly white top surfaces.

-Andy Blackmore

Rennsport 2007


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what month is it next month? (i know its october, you know what i mean)


So Cal Car Culture with a slight built up to Irwindale...


in my opinion Porsche had the best liveries ever...


Please do a cars and coffee meeting - there's a load of Porshces there so it could be a transition feature if you want :)


That's not from 2007. That pic is from the Lime Rock Rennsport Reunion about 10 years ago. The track is clearly Lime Rock and not Daytona.


CC440 - Yes, sorry about that, I wasn't thinking and just took it from the 07 site, without realising that it was from way back when.

More liveries coming soon, so hopefully that will make up for the mistake :)


that;s about 8 million hp right there :) You should do a follow up on some of the street versions fro Dauer and Schuppan (if you want to keep it JDM!)


OOOOhhhh can't wait cos I'm going to visit my cousins in LA next year and want to know what car stuff I can see there... looking forward to it Rod! BTW I'm from Australia...


Kicking off the second half of 2010 with a trip to Spa was never going to be a particular chore. This


Kicking off the second half of 2010 with a trip to Spa was never going to be a particular chore. This