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This 1998 Integra sports some Rota Grids in 16×8 with a +20 offset all round. The wheel setup looks really aggressive and really suits the car. It looks like it sees some track action now and then. The roll cage and the auxiliary power connectors are dead giveaways. I really wonder what lies beneath the hood. I remember a time when you were the man when you had a B16 or a B18 in your CRX but nowadays you don't count anymore unless you have a K20. Boy… do I miss the old days.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Nino Photography



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Got a higher res pic? OMG I am so into deep dish wheels!!! Did the guards have to be rolled or modded in anyway so the wheels would fit?? Do they rub?


looks good! like the rota's and the cusco cage


i really doubt this car sees track time.. lol blue crushco cage with stretched all season tires (just mounted) and car show auxiliary power connectors... its just another "race car style" show car. :)


Crushco LOL!!!


.Jeez are you sure they are +20s? the rota webby shows that they only make the Off Road Grids with a 5 lug 114.3 pattern in an offset of +10....


What is this, amateur hour?


Ben_Cco check this out


Nice integgy, linkin' the rims and the cage.


As I post on Racer_86's blog a few days ago, here is the wheels : http://www.driftworks.com/catalog/products/rota-grid-drift-16-wheels.html

Plus, a few high resolution pictures :



@ Renge

Well actually what i am trying to say is, for the 16X8 with the 5X114.3 pattern, its only available in ET+10 but the blog entry says they are ET+20... but the ET+20 wheels are only available in a 4X114.3 bolt pattern... and the DC2 has 5 lugs so.... are they really 5X114.3 +20 or is it a typo...


I read this post on an ipod touch at the apple store today and then I set all the touch's in the store to speed hunters. lol


Lets be honest here. Rotas are ruining our industry, They are not structurally sound and can not withstand the abuse track use throws at them. I doubt that this ITR is track-worthy, it may have the cage and stuff but i mean, I've heard of Enkies bending on the track so these can deffenitly not hold up. Save your money and get some custom JDM wheels that are actually worthy...


Well, yea, right, I'm sure you're a better car than this ! But anyway, maybe this guy just wanted to have a nice looking car, for daily drive purpose, and not a time attack machine ? Plus, the original TE37 only exist with 16 x 8.0, +30 or +38, 5x114,3.

Be the way, have you ever bended a Rota by yourself ? Because, yea, I've read a lot of stuff against these wheels, but no one himself, just people who know someone, who... In the other hand, I've read some topic about people who drive there car to the track one or twice a month, with Rota, and they have no problem...

So, I'm not a Rota Seller, I even don't own Rota myself, but I think we should stop saying Rota suck everytime, just because you read it somewhere !


Sorry but I have seen Rota's go wrong. And I hate when teenagers come up to my car and ask me why I painted my Rota Slipstream in white. Then I tell them they are the real RegaMasters and they have no clue what it is...


Nexens and Rotas...srsly? If i want to look at stuff like this i can just cruise by the local pep boys parking lot. what a way to cap japan month.

+1 to mika, casper and rotaS SUCK


my friend had his SVN cracked with no reason when he only daily drive his car and didn't hit anything....I have seen the wheel in person....


haha, rota's are a better theft deterrent than your Titanium Kics with the secret wheel combination locks. Since everyone on the internet bashes them. Just peel off your volk or advan sticker and if anyone asks, Yep rota's, so no one jacks your real ones.


So only because of the Rota's this car sucks? strange world....


@ Gordonng95

U know.... i would take that as an insult... if someone mistook my jap alloys for pinoy copies... and dunno wtf the real thing is


in all fairness, personally i don't like how Rota copies every JDM wheel design out there. I think its disgusting. But these Grid off roads really do look quite good and Rays doesnt offer them in this offset so.... with regards to build quality i think they are better now than b4... dun get me wrong i am no Rota fanboy in fact i rather get Enkies but i'll buy these Grids just to cruise ard


rota? i wonder what antonio has to say about this haha. buy anyways, let me give my 2 cent. modified published an article recently on how one of their cars (scion tc) had suspension failure at the track because they had rotas on and the rotas werent hub centric. it happened twice. they then put the OE wheels back on and they were able to complete the race after.


maybe joe should cruise by and check out his local pepboys instead of spending time on the site. one thing for sure is, my car wont be out there.

98spec itr, dumped on apex coilovers, rocking the OFFROAD rotas

rims are no longer listed on the site for 5x114.3 in a 16x8 +20 offset


@ Protree

Not hub-centric? Good Lord. If there's a reason to avoid a wheel, its this.


Why Rota suck? Because they steal the designs from other famous companies (such as Volk, Advan and the like), and while doing so they claim to be innovative....they put 0...yeah, that's a 0 time into R&D, and claim that their wheels are more than decent, light weight and affordable; they're fairly light and affordable, but structurally their cast process SUCKS !

How many of you actually went to Rota's HQ? I did, it's down the street from my house.

A while ago a friend of mine really wanted to check out the place, and so we went. It's a 3 by 3 ''office'' with some noodle boxes (yes those pink ones from Nissin), a cashier, and a catalog. WTF is that? a Philippino dude running the business with a Chinese woman keeping the inventory. That's why Rota sucks !


where are they located?


which office are you talking about?


Regardless of the legitimacy of its track credentials I really like the look of this Teg :)


there are companies that make HUB CENTRIC RINGS for those rims that are not specifically made hub centric to spec of the car.


lol @ these blogs/threads. I'm sick of it seriously. every site i go to...you guys fight more than girls about this one subject.


thanks for all of those who like my car. took me a year and half for the build, with alot of help from friends


Nothing wrong with rotas - ask how many people on http://www.driftworks.com/forum aren't impressed with the quality of product


Well John, you have a hellava car thats for sure. Kudos for the great build.


nice car. rotas suck but gotta admit they look pretty cool here.


To ProTree:

They're located in Hayward (google is one of hell search engine...lol):



I personally like those Rota’s. Why would anyone take expensive wheels to the track just to mess them up when you can take inexpensive wheels. I know I wouldn’t. Makes no sense to destroy good wheels. Every time I go to the track I use disposable wheels and slap on my Work E-Wing wheels when ever my car sit’s on my drive way. Just for kicks. Clean car and nice wheels!


the Hayward location is only their distribution warehouse the actual Rota is in the Philippines where they make their rims and was it not just recently that Enkei said/proved that a cast wheel can actually be better at certain conditions on a race track?


hahaha you purists! @ Tsukuba circuit in JAPAN with SSR's


you guys talk so much , but have you ever BROKE a rim before? nope your too busy typing and wastin gtime on the net ! go out and drive


LOL @ that Cusco showcage


LOL @ JDM wheels CRACK ALSO!! thats an awesome example on video too. i have cracked a 2/4 OZ Super Leggera rims although they weren't as bad as the ones in the video they still cracked and was bad enough that they wouldn't hold air what so ever.


To VROCSone:

Yes that's a branch in Hayward my bad, still, if there are customers showing up because they want to take a look at the wheels, they'll be welcomed by a not-so pleasent view. That place looks so run-downed, very unprofessional if you asked me.

Anyway, where did you read that "Enkei said/ proved that cast can be better at certain conditions on a race track?"

I call it BS. Forging is FAR superior than casting, in every single aspect. Please post up the link you find this info's.


@Alex i take that back in regards to cast vs. forge.

I have actually dealt with Rota Hayward before when i worked for a local shop. i talked to the owner and yes you are right the place is run down etc. but it was exactly what i expected when i was invited to go to the warehouse to check out their products in person. Its a distribution warehouse and isn't intended for walk-in buyers...in the long run the shop and i decided that we would not carry their products only due to the fact that the shop wanted to keep a "higher, baller status" image.


I did the wiring on the car. The battery is located in the rear underneath the bumper so that is why there are those "car show auxiliary power connectors." and those W-rated Ultra High Performance 205s aren't streched on a 8 inch wheel .... noob.


I dont know why ppl keep bashing on Rota's. I myself have been in the car scene for a while and have yet to personally hear about anyone cracking or damaging Rota's from just driving/ Racing on them. Yes if you DUMP your car drive and hit a pothole or big dip of coarse all rims can only take so much! Yes i have heard of them being Bent but that goes with all rims. I myself have seen Work's and SSR's bending for the same reasons rota's bend. So does that mean these brands SUCK TOO??! And to the ppl saying this car prolly doesn't see track because its on Rota's with stretched all season tires did you think that this person might be racing on SLICKS? Many honda guys nowadays run SLICKS while they are at the track. Very Nice Car and nice build!


i have a friend who owns a 04 STI

hes had WORK CR Kai's which have been bent, not only that hes had some SP2's (professor) which have been bent as well. Both these wheel sets arent rotas and are both expensive yet still bend.

like steve said " all rims can only take so much "


@John !!

Sick car, what tire size?

Do you mind if I add your wheel setup to RIMTUCK.com? I'd love to have it in the wheel fitment database.

Please let me know! Thanks!




Are you in Southern California? I would be seriously interested in purchasing your wheels.


Nope, im actually located in Norcal