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HKS USA just announced that they will have a Hyundai Genesis Coupe ready for the Sema show that will be held in November. The car is set to be released in the spring of 2009, but Hyundai already let HKS USA have a go at it. According to their press release, HKS will upgrade the engine with a GT Turbo, new internals, exhaust system, intake and a HKS engine management. Although no power figures are yet released, I'm sure it will be enough to hold its own on the track.

Other improvements are in the suspension department and the exterior of the car. HKS will replace the suspension with their race proven Hipermax III system. The exterior will be enhanced by Ken-Style, these guys also make the aero parts for the HKS Time Attack cars.

-Jeroen Willemsen

HKS USA, found on Jalopnik



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I hate this, HKS and Ken style shoulden't waiste there time with Korean cars.


Wow thats very nice. A lot of potential with this new platform. Now the HKS is backing it, the appeal for this car just shot up 10 fold.


...Funny how Hyundai isnt even a Japanese make, But HKS are going to make tuning products for them!


? HKS even makes parts for BMW, so I don't get your point.


"...Funny how Hyundai isnt even a Japanese make, But HKS are going to make tuning products for them!"

quote from the HKS USA website, HKS makes parts for lots of manufactors, hence HKS USA / JP / EUROPE.


Lol, car looks absolutly stunning with the ken-style kit, sure it will be a beast!


Awesome site guys!!! Saw your YouTube vids and decided 2 check it out... anyways, I really can't wait till the Turbo 4 Genesis Coupe is released... hopefully in Australia as well :( PLZPLZPLZ Hyundai!!!

So the RMR and HKS versions are confirmed for SEMA eh??? Do you think Rhys Millen will get one of these for Formula D? There was that rumor around a while ago that Hyundai will factory back a team in FD...


...Yes, i forgot that (BMW etc), my bad!

Hyundai are getting better, loosing there cheapness/build quality replication they did have this side of the pond with older models! And are being to produce some not bad cars!.

Much like i guess most Japanese manufactures in there early days did not always have the best reputations, be it factual, or due to western manufactures running scared of the competition.

Hell, maybe dare i say! Hyundai will take over, were Toyota left off, and actually produce proper performance cars. But i guess it’s were the money is at, for what type of models they asume will sell, less there doing some project, to show of there manufacturing prowess/talants.


I love it! I've watching this car or its concept from the other H badge since last year. I can't wait for this car! HKS has done a great job. I knew this car would look cool with a drop and some wheels.


Ken-Style makes the aero parts for the HKS time-atteck cars? For real? Also saw a Hyundai Tiburon in the Bee*R website, so these will be some of the few significant Hyundais in our JDM-dominated scene. And uh, are the Bee*R guys really Korean? Then we must consider them KDM not JDM. LOL.


Three Genesis Coupes are scheduled for the SEMA Show.


The 4cyl. turbo thats powering the Hyundai is powered by the same 4b11 thats powering the current Evo X's just in a RWD format. So, most R&D done for the EvoX would work on the Genesis as well.


That car has so much potential! I wish it would have looked better with a full body kit... but it does not. Maybe I can learn to love it like I love subies!


do you know if its a V6 or the I4?


I love it, I think its a perfect execution. The lip pieces around the bottom are all the same height and carry through every section of the car while also painted to match the grey HKS stripe which in turn all match up to the gray wheels. The gray is kept down low on the car as to leave a certain subtlety in the sporty look and then the small JDM style front badge is placed offset on the grill to give it that last little touch. Hyundai or not this is how I would have done it.


@liamsil80 - They did not reveal any engine details, but my best guess is that they will use the V6.


Not bad at all. When will we se the first Hyundai in pro drifting?


Buy yourself a red Infinity G37S , slap on some Volk RE30's, lower it, install a body kit from Impul, and you got yourself the same car shown above.

Wow, just wow, some peeps should start thinking outside that little thing called box.


This is the best looking Hyundai I've ever seen in my life. Very nice and it's FR!!! I hope this car does well in sales.


@ Alex - The bodykit made by Impul is totally different.


^^^ Not to mention you cannot buy a G37S for anywhere near the price range of either the I4 or V6 version of the Genesis. Tack on the aftermarket money for the Impul, lowering springs or coilovers, and the Volks and your looking at like 40-60k depending on factory options and such. The Genesis with this entire line of HKS goodies would probably turn out to be 35k max on the V6 version fully loaded.


@ Alex - This car is smaller that the G37 It weighs 3,100 lbs. And if you look at the car closer you will see is has that same basic styling as the 1st Generation Tiburon. Just a more modern look.

@ liamsil80 - This site did not post the complete article. The original article stated 4 cyl turbo. I don't think HKS cares about the 3.8 V6.

The turbo engine as someone mentioned already has had some R&D already done. This engine code is called Theta II, The Mitsu version is 4b11. The blocks are the same, but the Head and intake manifolds are different.


@D - The press release stated this:


• Hyundai’s first rear-wheel drive sports car

• 306 horsepower (est.) from enhanced 3.8-liter V6 from Genesis sedan

• Standard 212 horsepower (est.) turbocharged, intercooled inline four cylinder

• Genesis Coupe arrives in the spring of 2009 as a 2010 model

So you see they did not mention wich engine they are going to use, just the engines that are available in the Genesis, or you must be reading a different press release. The full release can be found when you click on the link that refers to Jalopnik.


This car is soooooooooooooooooo ugly. But the Ken Style kit makes it look slightly better, and the fact that it's an FR makes the cool status go up. lol


Can't wait to see this thing tearing up the drift circuits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alex ... it's "Infiniti" not "Infinity".

And yes, this is a more affordable version of the G37S. Only thing it doesn't have is the 'reputation' of the VQ engine, otherwise, the Genesis coupe has the G beat in many ways in the 'bang for your buck' criteria.

Hyundai has come a long way from its "Pony" days (for the better). I think people should give Hyundai a real hard look next time they are seriously gonna buy a car.

This is coming from a G37S 6MT owner


@ Jeroen:

I used the Impul as an example, as they make nice body kit for the G35-37 and are quite unique here in the States.

My point was; it looks indentical to a G37S, with very very very minor differences (being the front bumper and the headlights).

@ D: modding a G37S with all the goodies I listed much do you think it would cost the car shown above ? (with HKS turbo kit, Volk wheels, coilvers and a body kit).....sure some pretty pennies....

That's what I was trying to say.


Beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder, but I personally love the way it looks. Hyundai made a baby G37 on purpose, but by no means did they copy the styling. The only part of the car that really looks like the G37 is the greenhouse, but even that is mixed up with one of the most unique parts of the car, the window outline. The front is different. The middle is different (nobody else is doing the z-accent line afaik). The back is different. "very very very minor differences?" The styling as a whole is much more dramatic than the G37 and incomparable at the price point. Like it or not, the car above is the next big thing in our industry.


Hyundai is known to take styling ques from various cars, and make one car that could appeal to their target audiences. You know what I mean, the kooks that take supra tail lights and morph them on their civics. If there is a demand for cheap, stylish, and unorginal products; people will buy. It's the truth, even if it hurts. Bottom line money talks and if HKS see's it as a way to profit off the bandwagon that could blow up with the Hyundai, then let them reap the benefits. Either way HKS will win over the imitation companys because they'll produce products for this car that are at or less then what the imitation competitor will invest to produce them, and finally a japanese copany can smack their kooky copy cat competitors in the face, by taking a car that will generate debate in the world of import/JDm tuners and cause a stall in who shows their rides next to Hyundai's. A good method of Boycott for the industry that has been plagued with problems about repro's. Good job HKS.


@ Patrick, we could stay here and debate all day, but when you say things like: "the car above is the next big thing in our industry'', that I have a very hard time believe in it. Not because it doesn't look right.....but it's a Hyunday, not a Subaru, a Toyota or a Nissan.

First of all we're looking at a drawing and not at the actual car, second of all, there are aftermarket parts on this Hyunday that makes it slicker. The lower stance, the RE30's, that body kit....

Only time will tell....


I honestly have no beef with any of the korean auto makers, except for where they get their styling cues. Everyone knows hyundai is notourious for raping other manufactures for styling advice. I'm seeing a altima coupe, Z4 coupe rear quarter window but regardless, this car looks smoking hot! The lips just add that nice touch!


Alex, you seem to forget that the likes of Subaru, Toyota, Nissan and indeed Honda were seen the same way by many people outside of Japan. 'Jap Crap' was the term commonily used back in the 70's in England (when we didnt have much of a car industry left) Look where they are now.

Its very apparent that Hyundai and Kia are on the move. They have heavily invested in design studios and assebly lines in Europe and investment in North America. They mean business. Kia btw have a significantly stronger line-up in Europe than North America (if your thinking their current US range)


You just have to look at the latest generation products and compare them to Domestic, Japanese (and the previous generation Korean cars) to see just how quickly the two companies are catching up?


Why should Hyundai be regarded in the same class as say Nissan or Honda?


As for looks, you can say that about any car. Cars are influenced by there market and competitors, be it Hyundai or lets say Lexus with their Mercedes clones in their early days. The G37 is larger than this car and it is quite different proportion and stance. The shoulder on the top of the rear fender and the trailing edge of the roof are similar, but that can be levied at many cars, including the Nissan Altima Coupe, which I would say is closer to the Genesis. Same with the lamps.


You also have to remember, that its unlikely Hyundai copied the G37. Cars take anywhere from 2-5 years to be designed, so Hyundai wouldnt have seen the G37.


Personally, I'm not a fan of the dropping rear window, or the complex surface from the front wheelarch blending into the rear wheelarch, but thats just me, as its a growing trend.


Ignore Hyundai and Kia at your peril.


I love it when the haters comment on the Hyundai then get spanked when it comes out. I am loving this car as the time goes by. I can't wait for it to be relased. I'm really considering selling my IS and jumping on board with the Genesis. Choke on that slapnuts.


nicely said andy and damaja. i'm not a big fan of the styling of this car either, especially the plasticy grille.

i love how haters hate enough to post blatant comments on a hyundai topic. it will only make hyundai wins at the track that much sweeter.

this car is somthing no car company has ever done. a metamorphosis of a sporty coupe to an actual sports car. Now that's progress


Technical specification docs on the engine and tranny for this car are available on this website if anyone is interested in reading:

Look in the navigation bar.


wow~ I proud korean...I wish to genesis coupe high quaility in the world~!!!!!!!!!

Korea Fighting~!!!!!!!!!