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When I was at the Tokyo Special Import Car Show earlier this year, I was absolutely stunned by the ASI Tetsu GTR Bentley Continental GT when I saw it. Now I am not a connoisseur of exotic cars, nor do I particularly like the Continental GT, but there was something about this car. The crazy paint and sakura graphics surely had something to do with it, but I really haven't seen anything like it before. Besides the paintwork, ASI's Tetsu GTR's have carbon fiber wide body kits and output around 800hp, so they have plenty of power to back up the looks. To get behind the wheel of one of the 29 Tetsu GTR's that will be built, you are looking at about $800,000.

I was browsing Autoblog today when I read that one of the ASI Tetsu GTR's will be appearing at the Toyo Tires booth at this year's SEMA Show in Vegas. I'm thinking that the over the top style of the Tetsu GT-R will fit right in among all the craziness at the Las Vegas Convention Center in November. Even if you are not into this car, the paint and body work should be enough to grab the eye of anyone who walks by it. I am interested to see how this will go over as I think can't think of many other Japanese-tuned exotics that have appeared at SEMA before.

Source: Autoblog via Modified Luxury and Exotics


-Mike Garrett



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I think this is the first time I have to disagree with you, Mike. In my opinion, Bentleys are all about understated elegance, and this kit and paint just appear too gaudy to me. However, 800 hp sounds very nice!


i like the crazy look, and while yes it's a bit of a departure from traditional bentley design philosophy, the Continental GT is not exactly understated to begin with.

also, 650hp is stock, so 800 is not much of an increase ;) perhaps they were focusing on reliability...


If I remember correctly I just read about this Bentley GT on the latest Option magazine (but the car was painted black with gold-sakura scheme). they clocked the car at 322.7 km/h (about 201 mph).

Very impressive, considering this car weights 2420 Kg. (5324lbs.).