Gallery>> Amedori! Rain Drifting With Team Orange

Just look at the water in these photos! Soooooo much rain! I've shot photos in the rain before, but I've never ever shot photos in so much rain! See all the water covering the ground in the photo above?

This is a photo of our fellow Speedhunter Naoto Suenaga, drifting his GC1 Impreza on Ebisu Circuit's legendary South Course during D1 Practice! I don't even know how he could drift through so much water – this was Hydroplane City! Look at all that water splashing! That is from the same rain that claimed the lives of two of my Canon cameras – my SD800 IS pocket camera and my digital SLR.

Also braving the rain was Team Orange leader Nobushige Kumakubo – he is seen here drifting before the downhill crest on Ebisu's South Course. Although there were other drivers practicing in the rain, Kumakubo was the only one who began drifting so early in the course. I guess that's what you call confidence.

This was the first time I've seen people drift when the ground was covered with so much rain… I think the results looked really incredible, with water rippling and splashing off the tires as the cars negotiated the water soaked sections of the course. Above, Kumakubo is initiating hard and fast, with the treacherous South Course wall coming up very quickly!

I was amazed at how much control Kumakubo had, as he daringly proceeded to come closer and closer to the wall, even though the track was incredibly slippery! I thought it was cool how "water tracks" formed on the ground as he passed through the course!

Just as the rain began coming down even harder and I thought there is nothing good that could come out of all this rainy weather, I bumped into these two ladies, the D1 D-sign girls, who reminded me that rain isn't all that bad, all you need is an umbrella girl or two!

-Antonio Alvendia

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thats so crazy! just like capp vs. ae86 in stage 4


i don't mean to be a pain but how the hell are these pictures not being put as there a licensing problem? the way your work is stunning keep it up


Very nice Pictures!

Looks amazing how the water splashes off the tires.

Does the Subaru has a rear Engine?


@ Bsyc : No, those holes are for the radiator, same for tanaka's and kuma's -old-06-subbie (Now Hiraoka's).

Stunning pics, i want them in HIGHER RES NOWOWOWOW!


I'd like to place a bet of $100 that naoki nakamura will be a D1 champion within the next 3 years, any takers?


+1 on more avendia desktops


Damn thats crazy! All that water and they're still getting down like that? Wow.

My Condolences for you camera's man. Thanks for the sacrifice tho! haha


This, ladies and gentlemen, is HARDCORE!


Thanks for the compliments guys! Okay, I'll hook you guys up with some desktops before the month is over, k?


I'd like to see more stuff than drifting on the site! Drifting is cool but i feel like i'm getting drifting overload staring at nothing but drifting. How about some auto-xing, drag racing, wrc, stuff about gumball, You get the point...


autoXing photos?! gumball?! LOL at that


The man has a point. I think I've seen more than my fair share of mainstream drifting photos for a while.


"autoXing photos?! gumball?! LOL at that"

It seems that if the intention of NFS is to provide a site about the search for speed there is more to life then drifting... I'm not saying that I hate drifting but i'm also not narrow minded. I think this site should incorporate different aspects to "speed." What is the culture of this site based on? "Need for Speed" should i say more?


It is amazing how some people get to such a level of skill that they get to be able to drift on water. Too bad not all of us have the means and the time to practice sun up to sun down....:-< Not that many tracks, where I live, those that are, are mostly carting tracks, so no room for a car or no admitance:-<