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The Targa Newfoundland has to be one of the most unique motorsport events in North America. I remember being glued to the televison watching Speed TV's coverage of the event years ago. In fact I think it was one of the coolest things I saw on the Speed channel ever. The Targa Newfoundlad is as big as ever and the 2008 edition of the race just wrapped up this weekend. The Targa is held over 2,200 km of scenic backroads in Newfoundland and the event draws competitors from all over the world in an amazing mixture of vehicles. There is just something special about the combination of breathtaking scenery and high performance machines running on (closed) public roads.

Here are few shots from this year's event which come from the official Targa Newfoundland site-

Here we see some of the competitor cars taking a rest from all the driving. Just glancing at this photo you can see the wide range of cars that run in the event. There is everything from antiques and muscle cars to the latest in high tech machinery like a Lexus GS450h hybrid which is a return entry from last year. Manufacturers from all over the globe are represented well and some of the cars appear to be almost stock while others are full race machines.

I love this shot of an Impreza rally car about to cross under a bridge jammed full of spectators. Beautiful scenery! When the Targa comes around, the small towns along the route transform into centers of activity and I'm sure the residents love watching the action (and what it does for their local economies).

This view of a rally-spec Audi Quattro rounding a bend is another fantastic shot. The entire event is full of picturesque scenes like this, and I'm sure it provides tons of great opportunities for photographers.

A brand new Dodge Challenger SRT8 was also running in the Targa. It looks like this car has been coated in a coat of Mopar's "Sassy Grass" green from the early '70s.

The rare E34 BMW M5 has to make for a great long distance road racing car. Again, you can see all of the spectators gathered alongside the road to catch a glimpse of the action.

An Evo IX alongside an Evo X. The Evo is another machine that should be very well suited to this sort of event.

This beautiful Chevy Nova was also competing in the Targa. Running in the Targa Newfoundland is as about as "pro touring" as it gets.I love the sidepipes on this car. Reminds me of the SCCA Trans Am racers of the past.

Of course any road race event will have its share of accidents. Somewhere along the course these guys rolled their RNN14 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R, but they still appear to be in very good spirits.

There are tons of other event photos on the Targa Newfoundland offical site, and they are certainly worth a look.

Targa Newfoundland

-Mike Garrett



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great event, great cars!


Hopkins/Hughes in their '69 bmw 2002 that could, won the race for a 2nd consecutive year in a row. congrats!


poor Pulsar, it's still cooler than some of the pulsars fromt he 80's though.

I'm glad these events are still around. Reminds me of the Mille Miglia.


Nevermind that... I see it now ^_^ '


Hey Mike! Another great coverage of an awesome event, though I can't see the photo of the E34 Beemer...


can i get more photos of the Porsche 944 wich is in the opening photo?

and the quattro(please remember it is in normal words, not caps) is cool as hell!


GTiR.. its Sunnx if it is LHD version.