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As Mike already mentioned in his event report of the Drift Australia Season Finale, it was a busy weekend for the drifting community. In the same weekend Europe witnessed the final of the Prodrift European Series and the JDM Allstars, who decided to join forces and give the audience one hell of an event. It was held on the Lydden Hill Circuit in the UK, that meant that a lot of drivers from Ireland made the journey to compete against UK's finest.

Lydden Hill is famous for their high curbing on the inside of corners. It's clear when looking at the pictures, that you really need some amazing skills to nail the clipping point.

The S14.5 you see in the opening picture belongs the 16 year old James Deane, although he finished second he was crowned as the Prodrift European 2008 champion. His car has gone through a major makeover prior to this event. It now runs a RB26 with a 6 speed R34 gear box and a full GTR rear end. This was all custom fabricated and tuned by Trackday Performance in Ireland. What I find amazing that this was his first event driving with the new setup and then to finish second on your first outing shows how much skill this guy has.

He is also invited to come to the Red Bull Drifting World Championship, so you Americans will be able to see him perform and take on the world.

Yes I know the off-set is weak but there's a good reason for it. After three ‘one more times' in the final the wheels and tires were shredded so therefore Phil Morrison had only one option and put the wheels from another Driftworks car on the Silvia S15. Anyway, I still like this photo so I had to put it in here!

The final was between Phil Morrison and James Deane and it was an epic battle. Neither of them were willing to back down but in the end their can only be one. Phil was awarded the victory after the afore mentioned three ‘one more times'. The points that Phil scored with this victory resulted in a third place finish overall in the JDM Allstars Series.

Here you can see the height of the curbing on the inside of the turn; a lot of drivers had their front bumper shredded because of this. The car belongs to Dean Kearney, he advanced through the top 16 after a battle against Dave Walbrin and his R32 Skyline. In the top 8 Kearney was defeated by James Deane.

Here's one of my favorite car and driver, Eric O' Sullivan and his S2000 powered AE86. He would end in the top 16 but luckily for him he had earned enough points in the previous rounds to secure the first place overall in the JDM Allstars Series.

I wonder how he can see through that window LOL. The Toyota Starlet from Steve ‘Stiggy' Adams is becoming a crowd favorite. Who knew a small car like this could so well against all the other drift machines. I'm curious to see what he has in store for us next year.

Yep, that's a definite dirt drop. We have all seen this car before on Speedhunters, but I never get tired of it. The car belongs to Denis Healy, he would beat Stiggy in the top 16 rounds. He would advance to the semi finals after beating Nigel Colfer in top 8 battle. Just as James Deane had won the battle against Dean Kearney he would also defeat Denis.

Because of mechanical problems Paul Cheshire was only able to put in some practice runs. But I like the look of his car so he earned a spot in this report.

Japanese muscle against German engineering; in the end the BMW would take the lead with John O Connel behind the wheel. The R32 belongs to JDMgarage in the UK and is driven by Lennart Wanders from Holland. In the great 8 John was defeated by Dan Chapman.

So there you have it, for a more elaborate report check out JDM Allstars and for more photo's you can go to Doristars.

-Jeroen Willemsen

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Great pics, and who doesn't love a drifting starlet?


please please please PLEASE make Healy's dirt drop a destop!!!


IIRC Steve Evans is building a V8 Lexus IS200


the mighty starlet is indeed being replaced with a lexus is200 with a corvette ls1 v8!!

tho im sure at some point the starlet will come out to play!