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Here we have another big event from the UK, the Japanese Auto Extravaganza (JAE) which was last weekend held on the grassy fields at Mersea Island. By the way, I was just noticing that It seems like almost all car meetings in the UK are held on the grass for some reason. Maybe a lack of parking lots or “car parks”? Interesting. Anyways, the JAE event is held over the course of two days and gathers thousands and thousands (25,000 to be exact) of Japanese cars of all makes and their owners for a weekend of celebrating all things four-wheeled and Japanese. Looks like there was everything from classics, to drift cars, to “tuner” style cars as well as plenty of machines from the EDC and UK Time Attack Series.

For those that couldn’t make it to the event, JAE has posted up tons of event photos which were taken by Rich Sams.

Here are a few of the things that caught my eye when browsing through the pics-

Hey, what is a old Mustang doing at the Japanese Auto Extravaganza? Oh nevermind, it’s a Celica LB, and a very clean looking one at that. It appears that the popularity of vintage Japanese cars is continuing to grow in the UK as it is other places.

I have never seen Sportmax wheels look as good as they do on this NB chassis Mazda MX5. Looks like this car has a Garage Vary front lip spoiler as well. Perfect for those weekend drives down some English back roads.

The EDM Civic Type R demo car from HKS Europe looks pretty cool although I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of this body style. I should probably hold my judgment until I get the chance to see one in the flesh though.

Looks quite a few nice EF Civics were on display in the Honda area. It is a little hard to tell by the photos, but it looks like earlier model Honda owners in the UK tend to keep their cars a little more original than the ones in the United States.

The black Do-Luck JZA80 Supra might look familiar from the feature Antonio did on it a few months ago. I love the Do-Luck original wheels.

And something else you won’t find in the United States, plenty of Skyline GT-R’s. The dark gray BNR32 is the quintessential GT-R in my opinion. Every time I see an R32 Skyline, I’m always amazed by how great the styling still looks after the nearly 20 years since the car debuted.

This three-door Levin was the only AE86 that I saw in the event photos. I wonder if there were any others?

A pair of GT-R’s from the Time Attack series doing some hardparking on the grass.

Here is another car that Antonio featured a while back, it’s the carbon-laden Evo 9 time attack car owned by Lee Broadhurst.

The S-chassis guys put on a good showing at the JAE. This particular RPS13 runs in the European Drift Championship.

Plenty of Lancer Evolution models on hand as well. These cars had a huge following in the UK before they were ever introduced to the US market.

And lastly, a white Evo X with a matching set of white GT-R face TE37’s. Good combo.

To see more event photos, check out the huge gallery on the JAE site.


-Mike Garrett



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I love that older white Evo in the second to the bottom pic! I've always had difficulty determining what generation any given Evo is, especially the older ones considering Evo 5 and 6 look almost identical as do 7, 8, and 9. I can spot the difference b/t 8 and 9 (the grille) but how does one determine the generation of an older Evo?