Event>>hks Hiper Challenge At Tsukuba Pt.2

Time for some more coverage from Thursday’s HKS Hiper Meeting at Tsukuba Circuit. There was just too much cool stuff to jam into one post. I read through the comments you guys left on the first post and tried to include some more photos of the cars you wanted to see (they happen to be the same ones I was digging). Just look at the first shot with a pair of Subarus, an S2000, an Evo X and an R32 GT-R in the background. This is why I love hanging out at Tsukuba Circuit!

Well then, let’s get right to the cars.

Up above we have an orange Evo4 blasting down the front straight and towards the first corner. I see Evos all the time at Tsukuba, but it’s pretty rare to come across Evo’s 4. Also I had not seen this particular car ever before. Check the way the GT wing is mounted on the trunk, definitely a bit different than usual. What do you think of the orange color?

I loved this black FC3S with the RE Amemiya front end. At first I thought it was Imaizumi-san and the Super Now FC, but there were a few differences. Look closely at the TE37’s and you can see the purple anodized rotor shaped center caps. You can also see the V-mount intercooler set-up poking through the vent in the hood.

Mixed among all the high tech machinery were a few vintage cars such as this super clean B310 two-door Nissan Sunny. Not very fast, but it looked good out there and you could hear the sound of the screaming sidedraft carbs all around the track. I love old school privateer cars like this one.

There’s the Race War’s R32 sedan struggling to keep the rear end planted while exiting the first hairpin corner. It’s so fun to watch the high power cars gradually open the throttle at the corner exit and then stand on it as soon as the car is straightened out enough. It’s a beautiful thing.

This CT9A Evo was another car that was tuned by Race War’s. It was running against the Reverse R32 GT-R and other competitors in the shop demo car time attack class. Looks like this car has plenty of functional aero modifications, notably those huge canards mounted on the front bumper.

This Mugen-hardtop equipped AP1 was one of the fastest S2000’s of the day. No gimmicks, just plenty of circuit-proven parts on an already potent platform. Nearly ten years after its introduction, the S2000 continues to be purest and most capable sports cars out there.

Here we have a nice assortment of colors seen on participant cars lined up in the paddock. The green on the DC2 Integra Type R is obviously not an OEM color.

There was a group of guys that brought out some really fast JZX100 Chasers to run at the Hiper Challenge. This particular car is running the commonly seen OEM R33 Skyline GT-R wheels. The tuned 1JZ sound fit in well to the symphony of different exhaust notes as the cars ran around the track.

Here we have a red Nismo 380RS picking up speed on the back straight. By the way, you might notice the different lighting in these photos. The day started off sunny and clear, but after lunchtime it clouded up and started raining out of nowhere. Gotta love the weather in Japan this time of year…

Here’s the same FD from the first post. I think those front fenders look so cool. I couldn’t figure out why the hood on this car was purple/maziora colored while the rest of the body was black. New trend maybe?

One of the HKS Evo X demo cars rolls down pit road for some mid-session adjustments.

GT-R’s and friends cooling down in the paddock. There were more R32’s and R33’s running than I could count. Even with the world-beating R35 on the market, the RB26-powered GT-R’s are sill the bread and butter of big power Japanese tuning and will be for a long time to come.

Speaking of R33’s, there is Hosaka Tuning Factory’s blue BCNR33 running hard through the final corner. Besides the R33, the HTF BNR32 was also running. You can see it in the background of the previous photo. These guys know more than a little about how to build kick-ass GT-R’s.

As the skies above started to darken, the driver of this Evo was trying his best to fight off the S15 Silvia that was sticking to his tail like glue. Of course these cars were not running against each other for position, but at times it was hard to tell that they weren’t.

This R32 GT-R was one a few cars at the event that were repping the famous Tokyo area “Mid Night” racing team. They are one of, if the not the most famous street racing teams in the world and their sticker is iconic to say the least.

An N2-spec AE86 Levin swings wide over the zeebra zones as it enters the front straight in all of its naturally aspirated fury.

And to finish here is another shot of the red GC8 Impreza I mentioned in the first post as it dives hard into the first hairpin entrance after completing the slight downhill S-curve section. So simple and so sexy.

Well that’s it for the HKS Hiper Meeting. Make sure you check out the first post in case you didn’t see it.


-Mike Garrett



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Very nice Pictures.

I think the Evo 4 looks good in this Orange


The fenders on the FD are made be a company called Burnout (http://www.burnout-web.com),

They allow you to run 10J wheels all round easily.


greats pics, gotta love those JZX100 chasers


Were there any sort of results from this event? Winner, loser etc?


Great pics Mike :-)


And have yo more photos on flickr???..

Are too great...

And the 22b OMG...


3rd photo from the end: Any chance of some more info on the midnight club? I've been readin about them for well over 10 years but only small snippets.


Do you have any more pics of the grip tuned 180sx with the Koguchi Power Fenders and Type-X Aero?


Yay! for the little B310 out there doing its thing, they do make a great noise when they are on song too.

Really nice selection of cars at these meets :)


wow, awesome event.

that first picture,in high rez. would make this even better :]


That Sunny has some awful rare wheels ;)


For some reason the pictures aren't showing up on this page.


More pictures of that N2 Levin?? :)