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What does the expression Hybrid conjour up when applied to cars………..politically correct, save the whales, eat Muesli etc. etc.

Well with typical French style or elan as they would say Peugeot have blown that cliche wide open

At Silverstone last evening they unveiled their take on "le concept Hybrid"………combining the stunning 908 Le Mans Prototype and a kinetic energy recovery system……


Well as the press pack says…………..

HY technology enables a proportion of the kinetic energy produced under braking to

be either recovered or stored. In the case of a non-hybrid car, this energy is

dissipated in the form of heat via the brakes. However, when harnessed, it enables

the vehicle's efficiency to be improved in one of two ways:

- enhanced performance with no increase in the amount of energy consumed

thanks to the combination of the stored mechanical energy and the energy produced

by the internal combustion engine.

- reduced fuel consumption for the same level of performance thanks to the

availability of stored mechanical energy.

The system featured on this demonstrator comprises three key elements:

>> a 60kW gear-driven electric motor-generator which takes the place of the

conventional starter motor,

>> batteries which permit recovered energy to be stored in 600 lithium-ion cells

divided into 10 battery packs (six in the cockpit instead of the conventional battery

and four on the left-hand side of the flat bottom).

>> an power electronic converter (located in the rear part of the front left wing) which

controls the flow of energy between the batteries and the motor-generator.

The 908 HY can be powered in one of three ways:

- electric mode only (e.g. in the pit-lane),

- internal combustion engine only,

- a combination of the two.

In the course of a lap of Le Mans, for example, the system will recuperate energy for

between 20 and 30 seconds. This energy can be used:

- either to deliver extra power thanks to an additional boost of 60kW (80hp) for

approximately 20 seconds per lap, either automatically when re-accelerating, or when

the driver chooses to make use of it ('push to pass').

- or to reduce fuel consumption for the equivalent level of performance thanks to the

mechanical energy recovered (between three and five per cent).

In the flesh the car looked stunning, the first time that the 908's livery has really worked………….Nic Minassian did three laps at a respectable speed…….and hopped out with a grin on his face.

The only downside is that under rules announced yesterday the car will not be eligible to compete in any ACO sanctioned event………it can run but not score points till 2010.

Excuse me if I call this car electifying……………..

John Brooks



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That is awesome! I mean here you are in a 908 probably gunning for spots with a pack of R10's and your coming down the Mulsanne straight. All of a sudden you realize that your stored braking energy is at the ready with the push of a button and then zoom! 80 more horsepower tacks on while your already pushing 250mph and the R10's change position to your rearview mirror; history is made, champagne is poured on your head, sweet haha.


2 years till you actually get some points? Man, that bites... O and since when have we had to shave whales? Sorry =)


The livery reminds me of the Panoz Hybrid from years ago. Interesting, that is the basis for the Hybrid Zytec which should be in the ALMS in 2009

Looks like they have used one of the 2007 chassis for this, as it doesnt have any of the aero updates. looks good though, about as good as it got for Peugeot on the weekend :)


i think the only reason they are doing this(or at leasta big part of it) is because audi beat them to the diesel race car game.


Hi John,

The Peugeot guys pushed this past us on Sunday in the paddock, and at first i thought it may have been Hydrogen powered (duh!)

I hope the Le Mans pit crews (and photographers ;)) keep an eye out for this as it creeps down the pit lane silently! STOP, LOOK and LISTEN!


Youre right about the livery John - the racecars have always looked unfinished.