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Maybe the name 9ff doesn’t ring a lot of bells, but when I say they have built a car that is called the Veyron Killer I hope I have your attention! Because it is Porsche month on Speedhunters I present to you the 9ff GT9. This car is the brainchild of Jan Fatthauer, founding father of 9ff. The name 9ff stands for 9 to relate to Porsche and the double f stands for Farhzeugtechnik Fatthauer.

The numbers that accompany this car are mindboggling. Top speed is 409km/h so that’s faster than a Veyron but maybe even more astonishing is it’s acceleration. The 300km/h barrier is reached within 17.6 seconds. This is all thanks to a 4 liter, 6 cylinder liquid cooled engine that has two turbochargers. The front of the car can be recognized as a 911 GT3 but then all comparisons stop. The rest of the car is custom build with a Nascar like body made from carbon and a tube chassis.

As with all Porsches the engine is situated in the back, at least part of the engine, the actual engine is moved to the middle of the car for a better weight distribution. What you can see from the rear is the cooling system and the 6 speed manual gearbox. The engine is engineered and hand built by Jan Fatthauer himself to ensure it is build to his own specifications. You can choose to put a cover on the exposed parts of the engine to be more discrete, if that’s even possible when driving a car like this.

The rims are 19″ 3 piece custom forged. They measure 8,5×19 in the front and 11,5×19 in the back. Tires are special Continental V max to cope with the excessive speeds this car is capable off.

Here we have a better view from the rear. As mentioned before you can see the gearbox and the cooling system. This car has a 6 speed manual gearbox but you can also choose for sequential race gearbox if you really want to get the most out of the engine. The fans you see are there to suck the air through the oil coolers.

When we remove the main cover we can see a glimpse of the engine and are greeted by a 24 carat gold plated intake system. Jan Fatthauer chose for gold because of its excellent thermal properties. Thanks to titanium connecting rods, forged pistons and a whole lot of custom fabricated parts this car puts out an amazing 987bhp at 7.850rpm. I heard people say this car has even wheelspin when you’re in fifth gear, with 964Nm at 5.970rpm I have no doubt it will.

The suspension consists of a Mc Pherson system with double springs in the front. In the back we see inboard coil overs like we see in most supercars nowadays.

The customer can choose whatever interior he wants. There is absolutely no limit. In this demo car the seats are made by Recaro and throughout the interior the same color and stitching is applied. Notice the lexan window behind the seats, the engine is right behind it.

When choosing your interior you don’t have to think about a radio because you won’t be able to hear it.

The 9ff GT9 towards its top speed of 409km/h. I really wonder what it’s like to be driving with those enormous speeds. My fastest speed I have driven was 270km/h on the German autobahn.

What was your top speed?

-Jeroen Willemsen

Thanks to 9ff for the pictures and the info



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Am I the only one that notices that all the posts by Jeroen, are just plucked from other blogs on the net. There is almost never ORIGINAL content is his posts.

copy+paste does not = BLOG


if you don't like it, find another blog!!!


How dare you mention Nascar in the same article as a 9ff machine. I thought you said it was Porsche month, and you go ahead and mention some low-rent American race series in a Porsche article?



whats the cost of one of these cars? 300K? 600K?


Jeroen is a personal friend of mine, so I dont think there was any malice in him posting this...but dude...J - You can repost my stuff from time to time, you know I dont mind because we're good like that...but at the least let it sit for a while. I just posted this not even 10 days ago.

For a slightly JDM tinged perspective on this car check my blog post a few days back:

either way, both J and I are all late to the blog game on this car. It's old news, but still relevant and still kick ass. My only point of bringing it to the blog world was to try to relate German tuning to JDM heads who normally wouldnt pay attention to it. That was my only intent.


Thanks for the content even if it has been repeated eslewhere. For those who dont like what they read, go somewhere esle, theres no obligation for you to come here. Its a free blog anyway and we should all appreciate the effort regardless


plucking allegations and originality in the press (lols!) aside...

The gold in the engine bay reminds me of the gold foil lining on McLaren F1 engine bays, so cool 8)


I don't think that Jeroen got this story from any one else's blog. This car has been well known for some time now. It's more a case that we are collecting Porsche stories together this month and am looking at the main Porsche tuned cars on the planet ATM.

A few weeks ago we discussed how he would be looking at the different Porsche tuning houses over this course of this month. 9ff was definitely mentioned then.




My top speed on the German Autobahn is a pathetic 202KPH as that was the best I could get in my Ford Focus hire car. And as I recall that was on a bit of a downhill.

My top speed of all time is a slightly more respectable 244KPH done in a Lexus GS400 on a California freeway.


Im work at a Porsche racing shop in so cal and that car is just straight crazy. I have never seen something like that before. 9ff's engineering and products are amazing and this cars serves justice. I find it interesting that that car does not have at least 4-point harnesses considering the speeds the car can reach. Anway, I hope to see more cars like that in the future...


I have been in contact with 9ff myself and they provided me with the pictures and the info. I planned this story way ahead of the Porsche month even before you posted it on your blog Ben :)

As for original material or not, when I pick up a story from the internet or another blog I will always credit the person or the blog where it came from, period. Antonio, John and Mike are here to post original stuff I'm here for a different reason, I will look on the internet for stories that I think should be known to a bigger audience and therefor I will copy, rework it and place it on Speedhunters with the original source at the end.

In the future I will make an effort to post more original stuff, but first I need a better camera.


I'd like to put my .02 since there is a heated

I don't like to keep anybody's side, but for the sake of this site (news are news). Check out THIS Porsche which was unveiled BEFORE the 9FF, and it's strikingly close (in spec and what shape) to the Porsche shown above.

It is called Mission 400 Plus (guess what it stands for...)

Different engineers; although German. They also got huge help from H&R suspension.


we all know that the reason most of us bother to read Speedhunters is for Mike's posts and the odd cool thing from Antonio, John and Rod anyway!



Will you guys shut up about stealing issue etc. Speedhunters is about cars, hotchicks and more cars. Not about this shit you guys talking about.

anyways Jeroen, This is awesome. One question though. Why does the car only have standard seatbelts? It has like 900+BHP. It should have a harness or something.


9ff IS A MOSTER....Props on the article..keep'em coming!!!I ve seen it before...Thanks!!


"How dare you mention Nascar in the same article as a 9ff machine. I thought you said it was Porsche month, and you go ahead and mention some low-rent American race series in a Porsche article?


couldnt have put it better myself


Riding along in Skyline R32 GTR 260km/h+

Kind of scary since the driver just recent got his license :P (First car R32)


The 9ff GT9 is build for extreme speed, acceleration and also handling. It is not made for only driving straight. It has a similar handling like the Carrera GT, with much more power beyond 200 km/h. It accelerates in 16.1 seconds fom 0 to 300 kmph.

The Mission 400 Plus Porsche is looking quiet good, but it didnt hit the magic speed of 400+ as far as i know. The design looks similar to the GT9, but dont worry ... the same basic car + the same mission makes a similar design. What makes the difference is the engineering.

Kind regards Enes Canay




Tuesday morning I hit the road with a good friend of mine towards Essen, Germany; the place to be this


so soo sick :D


9ff unveiled this new version of the GT9 at the recent Essen Motor Show. It was specifically built for