Archive>> Fia Gt Porsche Desktop From Spa

I was just looking through the photos on my small Canon point-and-shoot Ixy Digital 910IS, and I spotted a photo I took of the food vendors at Spa Francorchamps… seeing the photo brought back the aroma of the huge stacks of freshly made Belgian waffles they were making, right there at the circuit! I mean, who can resist Belgian waffles… especially when you’re in Belgium!

Anyway, as we were taking in the buttery sweet smell of the waffles, we were seeing and hearing some amazing sights and sounds… the FIA GT cars passing by sounded like something out of Star Wars as they whizzed by us and vanished over the top of Eau Rouge.

So in honor my fond memories of Belgium, the waffles, and the Spa 24 Hour race, I thought I’d post up a cool Porsche wallpaper from the event. After all, it is still Porsche month on Speedhunters! So pick up this bagain priced Porsche desktop from the Speedhunters Desktops section!

Until next time, Peace, and waffle grease… I’m out.

-Antonio Alvendia