Random Snap>>playing In The House Of Rwb

The fun just keeps on coming. Today we found ourselves down in Kashiwa city in Chiba Prefecture where we spent nearly the entire day visiting the Rauh WELT shop, shooting photos of everything we laid out eyes on and talking with Nakai-san who is an iconic figure in much more than just the Porsche world. I think I can speak for all three of us when I say that stepping into Nakai-san's world was an absolutely eye-opening and exhilarating experience. Antonio in particular was star struck as he talked with Nakai who just happens to be one of his idols and the originator of the car style that he (and the rest of us) are so fond of.

Antonio will be able to tell you all about that later, but for now I just wanted to post this quick shot that I snapped while we were standing outside the shop "recovering" from the experience. Anyone with even a passing knowlege of racing history should recognize the iconic Martini logo and know what it represents to Porsche enthusiasts. If you look at the photo, you will notice other small hints at what is to come in the future, and we thought that these elements made this the perfect "teaser" image for some of the incredible stuff we have in the works.

-Mike Garrett



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I've been waiting for this for while!


bout' damn time :P


I'm VERY happy to be here boss!!!


Yay! Do WANT!


Im ready bro.....let's see it :-)