Random Snap>> White Supra

I noticed we didn't had a lot of Toyota Supra's on Speedhunters. It's not that we don't like the car, but its hard to find a really nice example. I think I have found one. The car has some nice features like the Top Secret carbon diffuser and the red color coded rims. Not sure on the make of the wheels but I'm sure you guys can help me out.

I haven't seen a lot of white Supra's but this one pulls it off very nicely. It also works very well with the red wheels.

-Jeroen Willemsen




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I don't normally like Supras cos most seem a bit overdone but this one looks really clean. I'm going to guess that those rims are Konigs cos they look a bit like mine but I am a noob so feel free to correct me people!


looks pretty sick. really nice color contrast with the blacks and reds.


Those wheels should be the SSR Professor VF1 (http://www.more-japan.com/SSR_vf1.php)

Nice and clean Supra.


Those wheels look like HRE 591R's to me.


Anyone know what state that number plate is from?


ame wheels?


I don't really like it, the wheels look like crap to me. Not aggressive enough for my taste.

@TougeNoMikado - Looks like those are Pennsylvania plates.


The licence plate is from Pennsylvania. Is it not?


They look SSR Professor VF1R to me. (http://www.more-japan.com/SSR_vf1r.php)


I think those wheels are SSR Professor VF1R, and the licence plate is from Pennsylvania, is it not?


those wheels look like work varianza TS1 ftw


TougeNoMikado, it looks like a PA plate to me.


I love Supra's and this one sick, I'd love to know what 's under the hood though


i think those wheels are gross. but besides that, it looks nice and clean


I think its Pennsylvania....I actually seen this car at King of Prussia Mall two weeks ago. Sounds pretty nice. I think the driver is some asian guy


i reckon theyre HRE's


i'm surprised how many people are guessing the wrong wheels. like what mega350gt said, they're work varianza t1s


It is my car. Thanks for the kind words about the car. It never go to PA but it is reg there for performance reasons. VA is where the car stays. It has 550whp and APU done.(pump gas) The car is a 98 and I'm the second owner of it. A few parts on it are a HKS turbo kit, Work wheels, TSJ diffuser and Tein susp. It has alot more to see than the picture shows but I can be reached for and more info at bferringer@gmail.com


LOL at Cole Trickle! Dude, if you ever see a MKIV Supra wearing Konig wheels, tell us where he is so we can slap the owner in the face. Haha!


I call next slap!


nice job on the supra brad, good choices on the body work. looks good while not being over the top like most supras. also good choice on the wheel with the color match.


Thanks! The car will be getting some more upgrades soon. It will be going for a 10sec run on pump gas and have a little change up in the rear of the car. I'm looking into a nice brake setup also. If anybody has a

shop that makes custom carbon fiber items please let me know.


nice work personally im for the overdone supras they let people know that you dont just have a nice looking car and if they are dumb enough to race you they learn that they dont have a chance. right now im working on a 94 celica putting a BL turbo with BL 3" exhaust and all the good stuff its a car that will mix it up because i rarely hear about celicas being done to the extent of being fast mainly looking nice.

the supra looks good


The wheels are actually Work Varianza. I know the owner.


thats phaat how much 4 that bugga?