News>> Naoto Suenaga Wins 1st At D1sl Ebisu

Right now I'm sitting in Kumakubo's office, which is perched high above Ebisu's East Course, with a stunning view of the circuit's back side. However, right now I'm not too interested in taking in the view, as I'm soaking wet from shooting in the heavy rain that plagued today's D1 Street Legal event – my socks and shoes are ruined with mud and rain… my t-shirt and shorts are soaking wet, as is my designer leather wallet, and my small Canon point-and-shoot digital camera. One of my Canon digital SLR bodies was completely soaked in rain today and no longer works, despite my plastic rain cover. I can't wait for today to be over, I want to take a shower and go to sleep.

The rest of the Team Orange crew are trying to pack up their pit area as quickly as they can, to prevent the extra transmissions, LSDs, tools, and promotional goods from getting soaked in tonight's oncoming heavy downpour. Those who have been to Ebisu will know that Ebisu's South Course (the D1 course) is on the bottom of the hill, so the water running down from the top of the mountain is currently flowing down through the actual D1 course, and all the pit garages that are set up there! Rain is coming down like crazy!

However, in the midst of all this nonsense, I do have some good news to report! Our fellow Speedhunter Naoto Suenaga just beat all the other drivers competing in the D1 Street Legal event at Ebisu Circuit to win 1st Place!!! Right now Naoto is on a winning streak – he is ranked number 1, and continues his momentum with yet another win, at his home court – Ebisu Circuit!

I just got a call on my cellphone saying it's time for us to leave, so I'll keep this short and sweet. Enjoy the pics!

Congratulations Naoto! Big respect for showing everyone what you can do with your S13 street car with full interior!

-Antonio Alvendia



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congrats Naoto!


Congratulations Naoto!!!

Antonio, what about a feature of Naoto's PS13? :PP



Congratulations Naoto!!




his car did belong to his brother at one point and he inherited/bought it from him right?

car is sweet


Man, that third pic should be a desktop! PLEASE!?! lol

But congrats Naotot, YAY S13's!


sickkkkkkkk! full interior and RPF1's, that's the way to go!


Congrats Naoto,

cheers mate


thats one rocking S13 right there!!

Naoto san omedetto!


dousan: nahh man he and his brother had matching S13s, masao's was kinda green, and naoto's was black... same thing with their AE86s before, they both had AE86s, so their cars looked similar, just like their faces... RE Amemiya actually offered Naoto to drive for him also, but I think Naoto probably was fed up with the whole twin thing, so he went ORANGE!!! haha ok heading to the airport for my LAX return flight now... and not too happy about it. at least i'll be heading back with a D1 girl...


I'm rushing off to the airport right now, I'll regretfully be heading back to the USA later this


Damn luck ass. heading back with a D1 gal!? WTF!


The D1 Street Legal competition at Ebisu Circuit was extremely rough for competitors (and the guys shooting