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The new Audi R8 GT3 'Customer' Racecar has been announced by Audi Motorsport. The new race car will conform to the FiA GT3 regulations, allowing it to run in many National and some International Series.

The car was developed by Audi Sport  and is aimed at customer use. Unlike the roadcar, the 500hp race car is rear wheel drive.  Four wheel drive is prohibited in the GT3 class.

The racecar is quite stunning. The front end has a new hood with air intake and subtly flared fenders. A splitter reduces front end lift and balances the car aerodynamically with the large rear wing.

The flared front fender ends abruptly near the door, allowing air to escape from behind the wheelarch. A new side skirt has also been added to help aero.

At the rear, additional air outlets allow air out of the rear wheelarch, while the typical race car diffuser and rear wing are also standard. The original stock lip spoiler, that raises at speed on the road car, is in a fixed position. On this car the licence plate area is left in carbon fibre, which looks great

The car has already been tested by Audi driver, Frank Biela and is expected to reach lucky race teams later this year, with its competition debut in 2009.

- Andy Blackmore

Images: Audi Motorsport.



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Holy shit that looks aggressive.


Wub wub and very aggressive-looking, wish to see some of these mix it up with the rest of the GT3 class...



i read this morning that the Alpina BMW M6 will also start testing next week, so GT3 is looking stronger by the day.


Sex on wheels, nuff said.


I really like this. It's nice to know that it is manufacturer based rather than a private company having to modify a standard car. You've got to hand it to Audi for their commitment to motorsport, even if they don't do WRC any more.


agree. Its good they are taking the Porsche route of supporting customers. In this day and age, its really important. You know the likes of the Ford GT, Dodge Viper in ALMS recieve no factory support (I know, they are GT2, but)


That's one sexy looking race car. Too bad we don't get any FIA GT3 coverage in the States.


...not yet. Things may change. The ACO or FiA (cant remember who) are giving some thought to morphng GT2 into the new GT3 class. If that happens in Europe, there maybe some pressure for that to happen State side. I havent read up enough to be sure either way really.

Something I just realised with this press release. They don't talk about an engine, other than HP. I wonder if its a ..... DIESEL!

It doesnt have a Dow Automotive logo (which is a normal sign as they supply the partical filters to Audi, Peugeot and SEAT Diesels)


this isn't the same exact car, but was built based on GT3 specs as well:


this thing is GORGEOUS


You missed the rear window, it seem little different with air ducts...

I think they must sell these RWD R8's as a road car..


wow i cant wait to see this on the circuit.


this is the best looking audi eva i love it heaps


I love bare unpainted Carbon race cars, so saved this image from the Audi R15 post for a seperate random