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As our Speedhunters "Japan month" begins to draw to a close, I just thought I'd mention one thing I absolutely love about Japan. Well, anyone who knows me will tell you that I love tons of different aspects about Japan, Japanese car culture, and Japanese life in general… but one of my favorite things is the used car parts shops!!!

Since it was raining pretty hard in Tokyo the other day, my friend Kenta's dad decided to take the day off work and generously agreed to fire up his Toyota Chaser and drive us over to a used car parts shop just outside of central Tokyo so I could take photos and show you Speedhunters readers what these places are like.

Let's start with the wheels. Here's some VIP style Amistad wheels that were being sold relatively inexpensively… and just look at the sizes! (In case some of you Speedhunters readers aren't familiar with how to look at wheel sizes, you better learn quickly! These Amistads are 5Hx114.3 lug pattern, 18×9.5J and 18×10.5J, both with a +18 offset! What an awesome set of wheels! Hmmm… maybe I should buy some wheels for my Lexus back in Los Angeles… oh wait, I'm going to sell it soon, so maybe I better not.

There were TONS of super cool looking used exhaust systems (and some not so cool ones) all arranged in order of car make (brand). However, internet newbies beware – if you don't know your chassis model numbers well, you might have a hard time finding parts in this place. All the parts are annotated only with the chassis numbers of the cars they fit.

Ooohhhh… I used to have a set of these wheels… twice. Here are some awesome SSR Starsharks… the centers could use some refinishing, but these wheels are so cool looking and so rare, I wouldn't mind refinishing them! Hmmm… wonder if I should buy them… or I wonder if I should just use the money towards more camera equipment. Hmm… the latter choice would probably be smarter, but I never said people who are passionate about their cars make intelligent decisions!!!

Hell yeah, this is my section – just check the katakana sign up top! This section is filled with parts for Toyota cars!

Damnnnnn… how about some SSR Mark IIs? These are old school shank-type Mark IIs, they don't make these anymore; now the SSRs are made with acorn lug patterns. What a gorgeous set of wheels with some super fat lips! Seriously, I might need to pick these up for collection…

And just look at the supreme awesome stretch on those tires! The fat outer lips of the rims are sticking out like crazy!!! I love it! This is THE LOOK. It's perfect, so take notes!

OMG. Anybody want some used Kei Office Erfolgkei coilover suspension? Pricing ranges from $300 USD to just under $700, depending on the make of your car. Crazy cheap!!!

Oh yeah, they have a ton of aero parts too, so you don't necessarily need to spend 8 million dollars on your aero kits. No wonder I love Japan. Seriously!

-Antonio Alvendia



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Antonio, pick me up a nice exhaust system for chassis TCR10 and I'll pay you back. =)


Dont touch the Kei Office.

They are shite, thats why there are cheap. And the company is out of business.

Was this hasegawa..? It's been a while since I've been over that side of Tokyo. I used to run every week in my old FD.

These shops are cool.

I have purchased many things in the past from these places. Most of my old car was built from there.


Awww but I don't want "Japan Month" to come to a close =(

Been loving the coverage Antonio. Much thanks to you and the rest of the staff for doing what you're doing.


Kei Office ain't out of business, but they have a new name DG5.


Awesome... compared to this store, all online-JDM-shops are nothing...

Do such shops also have parts for newer cars? Most of the parts look very oldschool... or were you just focusing on them?


Concerning KeiOffice... as far as I know, Ogura bought KO from Keiichi Tsuchiya, who moved on and established DG5. From my point of view, KO and DG5 are 2 totally different companies, except for the advising role of Tsuchiya.


Oh man...I gotta go to this place..SENSORY OVERLOAD...TOO MANY GORGEOUS PARTS AHHHH!!!


Antonio, pick me up some stuff for my GDB. Thanks homie. HAHAHA.


u know this is what I find kind of annoying about tuning a JDM car in the US. The fact that I'm paying top dollar for something that's dirt cheap out there. I gotta pay around 5k for an SR20 swap for my S14 here while there I could probably use that money to buy an S15. I guess there is no way around that but yea, just something that bothers me at times. I should just move there lol, anyone up for some roommate type 5hit?


this site is fantastic .i just love it man umair


I need those SSR'S!


MikeDenoga: You're a TCR10 owner?! Then I think you're cool as hell! My ex roommate who lives in Japan now, just bought a TCR10 yesterday! I'mma post up pics very soon! It's dope!!! I owned 2 of them, but mine were POS's. I'm gonna look for another TCR10 or maybe an Odyssey when I get back...

RExtreme: Wow man you know your stuff! Props on that! But I like Kei Office stuff alot, why do you say they're crap? I just got DG5 coilovers for my 86 recently, and I've been told that they're pretty much same as Kei Office, just redone... I dont personally have exp with Kei OFfice myself though.

Schnitzelsemmel: I was just focusing on the old school parts, cause I think they're cool as hell, they fit with my cars, and they're more rare than the new stuff they have there. You can't buy SSR Starsharks new, for example.

Section09: dude don't complain about it... just move to Japan!!! you'll love it. I know things are more axpensive in the USA, but there's alot of stuff that's way cheaper in the USA so i guess it all works out. if you lived in japan, you'd be complaining about sha-ken registration, parking costs, gas, insurance, etc... btw you dont have to pay 5K for an SR swap if you learn to do it yourself. but if it were me, i think it's easier/faster to just go to some place like Garage Boso in Carson CA cause they know how to swap/tune SRs better than most shops, and they're fast. and cool guys. less trouble and headache for you, if u think about it! =)


Thanks for the advice Antonio. I'm still contemplating on moving there. I love it there just like you. I have my second trip there coming up this October and I'm pumped as hell. Yea I mean I'm not really complaining, I guess there is a balance but you know, just stuff that crosses my mind every now and then.

I wish I could go to Garage Boso but i live in an apartment in NYC, things are a bit more complicated out here lol.I really shouldn't even have a car, but I love JDM tuning and cars, I cant live without this in my life.


Those Hippari tyres are ridiculously cool, no doubt!

Are outer lips of the rims sticking out?

That's how they should be!


I'm with REXtreme, stay well clear of any used coilover suspension (unless you know the car/owner and the history or you love the idea of a full rebuild) Section9, i'd be right there with you man - buy car (350Z/RX8/WRX/Evo whatever) in Japan for less, modify in Japan for less, rent container and send home (to NZ - right hand drive for the win.)


I was drooling over all the cool parts. antonio my friend has a pair of the starsharks for sale. hes from stockton, ca. if u really want a pair. and dude those Mark II SSR are hella stretched ! ah i need really oldskool rims. MY first gen celica right now is just rocking the older versions of the Rota RBs 13x8 all around. I need wider though cuz i have fender flares. suggestions on rim? I anything in a 13-15 id be interested to look into.


Section09: Cool, I didn't know you were from NYC, I always see u posting on Speedhunters! Glad we have readers from the Big Apple! Tokyo is like the Bigger Apple, it's crazy there and I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvve it. I would definitely love to live in Japan because of all the cool cars, cute girls and all my friends here... but damn I like things like hip hop, sneakers and cool clothing too... and damn, in Japan they don't make anything in my size. It's like "One Size fits Small" out here. And theres alot of cool kicks out here, but if you wear anything bigger than 10.5, you're assed out! dammit, cause I'm size 12! I love NYC for those things, my boys from the Speedlounge took me and Rod out in NYC and it was super fun! Also I can't hate on the pizza we had over near Soho or wherever that was... forgot the name right now, cause I'm in Japan mode.

Chihiro!!! - Man yesterday I had the most delicious tsukemen I've ever had in my whole life! It's the most popular tsukemen place in Tokyo right now. It's called Inosho (in Shakuji-gakuen I think?) and there is a super long line outside for their tsukemen! My friend Kenta and his father took me there - choooo umai yo! Let's meet up when I get back to LA. Maybe go to Santouka or Sanuki no sato. I think I'm going to buy another set of Watanabe Rs with hippari tires, I want to show you my car when I get my new wheels!

JP: How wide are your friend's Starsharks? I have a pretty good collection of wheels, but I'm still interested in cool wheels for my AE86s and TE27, as long as they're at least 8J or 8.5J wide. Anything smaller than that, not interested.

Wow so you have an RA21 huh? Thats super cool. Hmmm if you show me a photo of your car, I can suggest wheel size for you probably. What kind of flares are you running? Hmmm... I actually prefer non flared Celicas with super wide wheels on them, but I think if you have flares, your car can look SUUUUUPER MEAN and aggressive as long as it's low enough and you have the right wheels! I can definitely help you set it up if you want.


Antonio - I know what you mean about the shoes. I love Japan, but Im also a size 12 & seeing all these sweet kicks that I cant wear just tears me up! Still, there are so many other things here to make up for it... .


whats this place called and whats the web address


Yeaaa man NYC in here. Been following this site since the beginning. Oh man you're definitely right about Tokyo. I'm going back in october! I cant wait. I got tons of friends out there ready to party. Funny thing is, none of them are into cars! WTF?! lol, I'm so screwed when it comes to the car scene in tokyo. I just go to the shops on my own and get yelled at by the mechanics all the time haha. Guy at TopSecret was really pissed! haha! I used to be a hiphop head back in the 90's when it was hot. Now I'm all about indie rock and electro, which is what all my people in japan are into so im good in that dept! About clothes yeaaaa I'm a big ass mthrfckr. I'm a size 14!! lol. I used to be a sneaker head too until my damn feet got too big to fit anything. I'm doomed to wear chucks for the rest of my life! Aint so badd actually. Anyway thanks for the awesome content you guys have been posting for us. I know it seems we're jealous but if it wasn't for you guys we wouldnt see anything!


check this site out too dude. they have thousands of jdm engines - i mean more than 5000 engines there.


hy my name is mujaib i want him some car corolla part some thing like bumper backlight so please contct me this is my number 09085450058


Where in japan is this place.? it is better than upgarage LOL


Where the location, I will be in Tokyo next week.


What's the price on Mark2s? And starsharks


you have the adress of this store i'm go for the 4th time and i have never seen this