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The end of the week is drawing closer, and I'll be going back up to the Fukushima area of Japan, so I can attend the D1 Grand Prix event at Ebisu Circuit. However, before I head back up to Ebisu, I thought I'd share some more photos from the MSC Event at Honjyo Circuit!

The pit area at Honjyo Circuit was full of wild colored drift cars, ranging from your standard 2 door cars, like AE86s and S13s, S14s, and S15s all the way to cool 4 door drift cars, like C33s, JZX100s and JZX110s! In this photo, I'd have to say my favorite car is that purple kouki AE86 3 door. Hmm, and also that black JZX100 from team Magician. I bet some of the Speedhunters readers have different favorite cars though… pick a car from this photo and post up!

I thought this S14 Silvia looked pretty cool as it crawled through the line to get onto the track! I like those aftermarket headlights; the super clear headlights make a world of difference on S14s, especially since the OEM headlights always seem to fog up and get all nasty. There were tons of people wandering around the pit area, but it was still a pit area, so there were cars driving kinda fast through there! I had to be careful and look both ways before crossing the pit areas, because I didn't want to get run over!

This cool black JZX100 Toyota Mark II from Magician looked super cool. I love the style of the car! It's kind of beat up, so you know it sees a lot of street and circuit drifting use, and the light weight TE37s show you that the owner of the car is serious about performance, while the aggressive wheel fitment, stickers, and the cool burnt-tip exhaust tell you that the car's style is just as important as its performance. I just love the balance of the cars in Japan. So well thought out and balanced, without trying too hard.

It was cool for me to see all these AE86s all over the place! It just seems to me that you see S13s and S14s everywhere you look at most drifting events… so I was very happy to see some normally aspirated 86ers holding it down and representing the 86 life!

I dont think this is a pretty safe way to work on your car. In fact, I'm completely sure this is super unsafe. There was a guy at Ebisu's summer drift festival who was changing his tires without using jackstands, and the jack fell over while the car was in the air, and the car fell to the ground with his hand underneath! That story is bad enough, but this guy in the photo has his whole upper torso underneath the car, and his car is just being held up by a weak, low quality floor jack – those things lose oil pressure all the time! Super abunai yo!

I was going to tell him he should be safer and use jackstands so he doesn't get killed by his S13, but I couldn't think of how to say it in Japanese at the moment… and plus, it was raining, so I wanted to get my camera gear to a dry place. But at least I'm telling you Speedhunters readers! Be careful kids! Don't do this at home!

This kouki AE86 Levin looked pretty cool with its Run Free aero kit and SSR/Modex Dori Dori wheels! The driver wasn't too bad either, but I guess I just kept overlooking any cool driving the 86ers were doing because the guys from Magician and Meister R pretty much stole the show with super smoky, high rpm runs every single time. Fresh.

If you're an AE86 guy, then these are definitely a familiar sight. What we're looking at here is a pair of kouki LSD axles and an AE86 pumpkin, outfitted with a TRD LSD. Act like you know.

I was extremely happy to see Yamashita Koichi from Running Free and Ryuji Miki from Formula D's Bergenholtz Racing/A'pex Integration team at Honjyo! They're both good friends of mine, but Yamashita was one of my AE86 style idols back in the day. He is the man!!! Super nice guy, and his AE86s always looked so clean and so cool. He still has a bunch of 86s, but I'm not a fan of the big 5-spoke Work wheels he's rocking now. Bring it back to the old days of Dori Doris and RS Watanabes, Yamashita!

This S14 is pretty clean, and I just thought I'd take a photo of this cool view of the clean white 14 in the parking lot, with the lushly green mountains and surrounding fog in the background. Honjyo Circuit looked so cool!

This purple kouki AE86 Trueno definitely looked super cool at the track… the sticker on the side of the car says Shino Kouba (which, roughly translated, means Shino's Garage). Shino is an English speaking Japanese lady who is super into drifting, and she's always welcoming American and Australian drifters to come and hang out with her and hit up the circuits. I'm sure we'll have a bunch of Speedhunters readers interested in chilling with Shino, huh?

MSC was super wet, and cars were kicking up lots of water, but in retrospect, I think it was nothing compared to what we experienced at Super GT at Suzuka. I hope you guys liked this gallery of MSC pics, I'll just end this abruptly now so I can put up some other pics for you guys to see!

-Antonio Alvendia

Pure drifting action at MSC Honjyo!



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man at 1st glimpse I thought it was HIN and alot of ricy civics, but when I looked closely its drift cars

I miss the old days ! good simple clean lookin cars ! no WILD stuff

nice article


These lifestyle entries are by far my favorites... keep'm coming Antonio!!!



Haha, damn Antonio, are you ever coming home from Japan?


Hi Antonio.

Please for me to get an EBISU sticker.


Yamashita! Yo, post up a pic of his old red hatchback in random shots! I love that thing and it defintitely still rocks my socks to this day.


Running Free!!!!!


added to list of places to visit in January. ;)


Hey Antonio, the dude with the blue S13 is rather unsafe, but the spare wheel under the car gives him some level of insurance in case the jack fails.


great job.I like how prepared the grassroots teams arrive at the track.



Nice pics Antonio,

I think im starting to like more the Msc scene and old school stuff since i've started to read this blog.

I Agree with Brian, i want a ebisu sticker :PPP


Nice pics ;) (scissor jack + jack stand FTW :D )


Looking at that first photo, you dont realize at first, but your looking at a bunch of battle season monsters !

How cool that must have been to listen to them all roar !

What a terrifying and sexy picture !

Boy I wish I had a car !


Hmmm, strange enough but my eye was caught by the patchwork S14 Silvia in the first shot (white with red and black). It does the whole form follows function thing! I like!


dood, Shino's 86 color looks awfully like Lisa Uchida's Trueno back in the states, no?


Mark: a WHEEL isn't any insurance at all against a whole effing car coming down on your upper torso!! LOL come on man! unless you're super skinny... even if i had 10.5J wheels underneath the car, i'd still get smashed if that thing were to fall down on me.

AndySapp: HELL YEAH these lifestyle entries are MY favorite too. this is how we livin son! i need to get with cody soon cause we'll be posting photos of your fresh E46 on speedhunters pretty soon! BTW, all my friends at ebisu thought your Tanaka S15 shirt you gave me was dope as hell. in fact, Rod from Speedhunters liked it alot too, and that's coming from MISTER Fashion, in case you didn't know!

Joey: hmmm... I've been missing my cars like crazy, and my fast wireless internet at home in LA. but all these dope cars, hot girls, and awesome japanese food is starting to change my mind. screw you guys, i'm selling all my stuff and moving to japan! goodbye forever suckas!

Brian: Ok man, I'll try to handle that for you homie.

D.Huang: uhmm... I suppose so, but the cars are very very different. The purple Trueno with the Shino Kouba sticker on it is more beat up and gangster I think... kinda battlescarred when you look close. Lisa's car is A LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT cleaner. There's no way the Shino Kouba car even comes close to the cleanliness of Lisa's 86. Actually, there's not too many 86s I can think of that comes close to the cleanliness of her car, except for some guys in Northern Cali, and my kouki 86 when I'm done with it! LOL actually no, I'm sure her car will be cleaner than my kouki even when I'm done with my car. But it's ok, I'm just a dirty mofo I guess... but i still think my car is bangin. Love my 86s.


more pics of the markII

im losing my mind looking at it

i loooooooove markIIs


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